Speech training tool for children,
available on Yandex.Station
and other devices with Alice*
Currently available only in Russian 

— Free game-based speech training, with the Soundies, characters specially developed at Yandex and voiced by popular artists, and popular cartoon characters the Fixies entertaining children as they learn.

— Speech training songs written by children's poets and popular artists, based on methods developed by experienced speech therapists.

— The Fixies introduce the child to professions of the future, while the Soundies teach them how to be brave, enjoy reading, talk in public and be at ease with other important things that aren't easy for a child struggling with how they speak.

Ask Alice
Just say: "Hey Alice, start the Sounds Easy skill".
Choose a character and they will show you around. 
Start the skill
On your smartphone, smart speaker or any other device with Alice.
Choose a character
Each character is in charge of their own sound. You can choose one of the Fixies or the Soundies, fantasy heroes voiced by pop-stars.
Sing along
A chosen character will take the child from the warm-up to the end of the song, telling them stories and playing riddles with them as they move along.
Approved by experts
Experienced speech therapists contributed to this project helping to write songs and coaching the artists, as well as consulting on other crucial points, starting from advising on complexity of the stories to recommending the right tempo for the music.
Every sound has a character
Favorite cartoon characters, the Fixies, or pop-stars acting as fantasy heroes, the Soundies, will guide the child through their training. 
Nolik — [r] sound
The youngest of the Fixies, but experienced enough to tell children about the quadrocopter. He is a bit naughty. 
Fire — [l] sound
The brave Fixie and Nolik’s best friend. He can talk about voice assistants forever. 
Digit — [tʃ] sound
He is poised, focused on studies and accurate like the smart watch, about which he will tell the child. 
How it works
For a warm-up, a chosen character tells the child a story that makes them perform simple speech therapy exercises, such as smiling, pouting, rolling the tongue. 
A catchy chorus before each verse of a song is a vocal warm-up that consists of the sounds in the same combinations as in the verse, which allows the child to properly train them.
The song helps to thoroughly train a sound in all combinations: stressed and unstressed, in reversed and direct syllables. It is composed so that training some sounds does not interfere with training the other ones, for example, the words training the [ʒ] sound will not have any other sibilants.
Each session is designed to last about six minutes — enough time for a child to learn a new verse. You can find all warm-ups, choruses and songs on each character's page. 
Before you start
Reward the child
for achievements 
At the end of each song, the character rewards the child with a beautiful coloring page. The Soundies' reward is about overcoming difficulties, while the Fixies' prize tells the child about professions of the future. Make sure you download and print out the coloring pages to have them at hand.
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