Linking accounts in smart home skills

Linking accounts is always required to launch smart home skills. The user will not be able to launch the skill until they link their Yandex account with their smart home system account.

When the user clicks Link accounts, they are brought to the sign-in page. For more information, see How authorization within a skill works.

Yandex Dialogs interact with smart home skills and systems via OAuth 2.0 using an authorization code grant. The authorization server can be part of the smart home system, or used as a third-party service.

To implement authorization in your smart home skill, you need to define the OAuth protocol parameters and link accounts.

Unlike generic skills, for smart home skills, you don't need to create scenarios when to ask the user to sign in. The Alice app automatically requests authorization before launching the skill.

While processing user requests, you don't need to check whether the user has signed in: Yandex Dialogs performs that check. If the user logs out of their account, requests automatically stop being sent to devices. Alice will ask the user to link accounts again.