Named entities in requests

After the user says the command, Yandex.Dialogs recognize the text and extract named entities, i.e., words and phrases describing certain objects.

At the moment, Yandex.Dialogs can recognize:

All extracted entities are included in the request to a skill in the request.nlu.entities property.

First name, last name, patronymic

Yandex.Dialogs recognize and associate first names, last names, and patronymics.

Examples of using names in skill requests:

The “Антон Павлович Чехов” phrase:

"type": "YANDEX.FIO","value": {  "first_name": "anton",  "patronymic_name": "pavlovich",  "last_name": "chekhov"}


Yandex.Dialogs recognize location references:

  • country — Country.
  • city — City.
  • street — Street.
  • house_number — House number.
  • airport — Airport name.

Examples of locations in skill requests:

The “Адрес — Россия, Москва, улица Льва Толстого, шестнадцать” phrase:
"type": "YANDEX.GEO","value": {  "country": "Russia",  "city": "Moscow",   "street": "leo tolstoy street",   "house_number": "16"}

Date and time

Yandex.Dialogs recognize date and time the user mentions (including relative date and time): hence, both “в 1968 году” and “40 лет назад” will become named entities:

  • year — Exact year.
  • year_is_relative — Indicates that the year field contains a relative number of years.
  • month — Month.
  • month_is_relative — Indicates that the month field contains a relative number of months.
  • day — Day.
  • day_is_relative — Indicates that the day field contains a relative number of days.
  • hour — Hour.
  • hour_is_relative — Indicates that the hour field contains a relative number of hours.
  • minute — Minute.
  • minute_is_relative — Indicates that the minute field contains a relative number of minutes.

Examples of dates and times in a skill request:

The “в двадцать два часа тридцать минут, пятнадцатого сентября тысяча девятьсот восемьдесят второго года” phrase:
"value": {
  "year": 1982,
  "month": 9,
  "day": 15,
  "hour": 22,
  "minute": 30,


Yandex.Dialogs recognize integers and fractions:

  • integer — Integer.
  • float — Decimal fraction.

Examples of numbers in a skill request:

The “тридцать три попугая” phrase:
"type": "YANDEX.NUMBER",
"value": 33