Submit a skill for moderation

Both public and private skills are subject to moderation. For public skills, all the components are checked: name, description, and icon. For private skills, only icons are checked.

Fill in the “Notes for moderator” field. Enter the authorization credentials (username and password) to verify them for the skill. If the skill requires specific devices, describe them, and the Yandex Dialogs team will ask you for these devices when checking it.

Example of filling in the “Notes for moderator” field:

Test account for checking authorization in the skill.
Password: password.

After the skill is approved, you'll see the Опубликовать (Publish) button for deploying the skill. The skill appears in the Skill store within 5-10 minutes and starts showing up in the store's search results within a day. After the draft is published, Yandex Dialogs captures the published version and provides a new draft to edit.