A device that functions as an iron.

Examples of devices

Iron, steamer.

Device control phrases

Each device type has a specific set of phrases. The user can control the device using these phrases without specifying the device name.


  • Алиса, выключи утюг.

    Translation: Alice, turn off the iron.

  • Алиса, выруби парогенератор.

    Translation: Alice, turn off the steamer.


This device type can't be turned on remotely. You can only turn it off.

Where can I find all voice commands?

To open the full list of voice commands:

  1. Open the Home with Alice app.
  2. Select the desired device in the list of devices.
  3. Go to the Voice commands section at the bottom of the page.
  4. Tap More commands.

Recommended capabilities

The table of capabilities is based on popular device functions in a given category. It provides general recommendations for describing devices. Yandex Smart Home does not restrict the provider to the specified list. You can combine capabilities and devices as you wish based on your awareness of the device features.


Instances and values


Functions and values are not applicable.


Function: temperature.

Values: not supported.


Function: program.

Values: turbo, eco, steam, auto, one, two.

Examples of capability and property descriptions

These structures are sent in response to the device list request.

Iron with different programs
 "capabilities": [{
   "type": "devices.capabilities.mode",
   "retrievable": true,
   "parameters": {
    "instance": "program",
    "modes": [{
      "value": "turbo"
      "value": "eco"
      "value": "steam"
      "value": "auto"
   "type": "devices.capabilities.on_off",
   "retrievable": true
 "properties": []