Creation and settings


For branded skills, use shared corporate accounts instead of personal employee accounts. Verify the accounts' rights to the site in Yandex Webmaster.

Check out the smart home management concept. To create a skill, open the developer console and click Создать диалог → Умный дом (Create a dialog → Smart home). Open the Настройки (Settings) tab and fill in the required fields.

Main settings

For a skill to pass moderation, all settings (name, description, icon, and so on) should comply with formal requirements.


The name of the skill that will show up in the Skill store.

Name requirements:

  • Consists of at least two words excluding prepositions (we recommend using no more than four words). One word is acceptable if it is a unique brand name.
  • The same name doesn't already exist in the store.
  • It's written in Russian or English.
  • It doesn't match a general category of products, services, or content (for example, “plastic windows”).
  • It doesn't contain the words “Smart home”, “Alice”, “Yandex”, or “Station”.


The parameters of the skill handler that accepts the user's requests via Yandex Dialogs and responds to them.


The skill response waiting time is 3 seconds. If Yandex Smart Home gets no response within this time, Alice alerts the user that devices aren't responding for a long time. If you manage devices in Smart Home → Devices, the user will see an error message and the request ID.

This 3-second interval includes:

  • Setting up a network connection.
  • The time needed to deliver the request to the skill's server.
  • The time needed to execute the skill.
  • The time needed to deliver the response to Alice's servers.


The response length must not exceed 5000 characters, the length of the OAuth token or refresh token must not exceed 2048 characters. Token lifetime (the expires_in property) must be an integer between 1 and 4,294,967,296.

Available options:

  • Endpoint URL: The URL of the skill handler. The handler must run on HTTPS, and the address must specify the protocol, for example

  • Yandex Cloud function: The ID of the function in Yandex Cloud. The function must be created by the skill author. For more information about creating and enabling a function for an Alice skill, see the Yandex Cloud documentation.

Access type

There are two types of access to a published skill:

  • Public: The skill will be published in the Skill store and seen by all Alice users.

  • Private: The skill is only available to you (in all surfaces where you're logged in as a skill creator).

    Private skills don't go through moderation and are published immediately. You can give Yandex users individual access to a private skill. For more information about private skills, see Skill access.

    Once published, the private skill will appear in the Home with Alice app. Open the  Home with Alice app. In the top right-hand corner, tap plusCreated with Sketch. and select Устройство умного дома (Smart home device). You'll find the skill in the list of popular manufacturers.

Publication in the Skill store


A brief description of the skill for the list of smart home skills in the Home with Alice app.

Developer's name

Skill author's name.

Developer's email

Address for contacting the skill developer (the default is the Yandex.Mail account used to sign in to Yandex Dialogs).

Official skill

Indicates that it's an official brand skill, and the developer is a device manufacturer or the official representative of the manufacturer.

Website for verifying the rights to use the brand

Website address for the skill. It will be displayed on the skill description page in the Skill store, under Contact developers.

If you fill out this field, the skill will only pass moderation when you verify your rights to the site in Yandex Webmaster.

We'll make sure that you own the rights to the brand. Only you can use your brand and official website for your skill.


A description of the skill's features in Russian to show up in the Skill store. List the device types the skill works with and provide instructions on how to connect these devices. Check out an example of the Aqara skill description.

You can use the Markdown markup language features in the description:

  • Headers:

    # Level one
    ## Level two
    ### Level three
  • Quotes:

    > Text
    > to pay attention to.
  • Lists:

    * bulleted
    * list
    1. numbered
    2. list

Notes for the moderator

Provide testing information:

  • Test account to verify skill authorization.
  • Devices needed for the skill to work. The Dialogs team will ask for these devices from you during verification.


The image to appear in the Skill store.

Icon requirements:

  • Format: PNG or JPG.
  • Size: 224 × 224 pixels or more. The image size will be reduced automatically if necessary.
  • The icon can feature the brand name or logo specified in the skill name and description.

Supported devices

Product ID or name

Go to the Устройства (Devices) tab. Start typing the device name and select it from the drop-down list or enter the device ID from a Yandex Market link.

Example of device ID from a link
  • Yandex Market link:

  • Device ID: 634589866

You need to fill in this field to be able to certify devices when creating official skills.

Frequently asked questions

Why isn't the skill responding to the user?

The waiting time for a response from the skill is three seconds. If Yandex Dialogs doesn't get a response within three seconds, the session ends. Alice tells the user that the skill is not responding.

Can I move a skill from one account to another?

Yes Write to support. The skill will be moved within two weeks.

To avoid moving branded skills from your employees' personal accounts, create such skills from corporate accounts.

What steps of request processing go into these three seconds?

This three-second interval includes the following steps:

  1. Setting up a network connection.
  2. Sending a request over the network from the Yandex Dialogs server to the skill server.
  3. Generating a response.
  4. Sending a response over the network from the skill server back to the Yandex Dialogs server.