Terms of Broadcasting: Priority Placement in Yandex.Directory

This document is valid, if posted at: https://yandex.ru/legal/directory_conditions/.

Date of placement: 01.03.2018

Effective date: 01.03.2018

The prerequisite for YANDEX LLC (hereinafter referred to as the "Yandex") to provide Priority Placement in Yandex. Directory is the acceptance of and compliance with the requirements and provisions stated in this document (hereinafter referred to as the "Terms and Conditions") by the Customer.

1. Definitions:

Yandex.Maps means all the websites available online at: http://maps.yandex.xx, and the program for mobile devices owned by Yandex or its affiliates, which is licensed to Users under the License Agreement posted online at: .

Company Card means a block at Yandex.Maps containing company information, including: company name, address, website and social networks, open hours, type of activity and any other information. At the same time, the Customer's Company Card means a Company Card, for which the Customer purchases the Service.

Mark means a location-enabled tag on a map of Yandex.Maps corresponding to the company address specified in a Company Card.

Advertising means advertising materials of the Customer, which can be placed in a Company Card and meant to draw attention to goods (including works, services, intellectual deliverables, events, means of individualization of a company and (or) goods, works, and services) of a company, for which the Services are purchased, including:

  • company logotype (a PNG image of at least 244х272 pixels and maximum 150 Kbyte),

  • image in a Company Card heading (PNG format, at least 420х272 pixels, maximum 500 Kbyte),

  • information on promotion (preview– up to 70 characters, promotion graphic banner – a PNG image of at least 600х320 pixels and maximum 500 Kbyte, promotion description – up to 200 characters, disclaimer – up to 200 characters),

  • block containing additional textual information (up to 700 characters),

  • up to 10 offers of goods/services (goods/service name, goods/service image (a PNG image of at least 240х240 pixels and maximum 150 Kbyte each), prices of goods/services) in a scrolling feed.

Priority Placement in Yandex.Directory / Services mean Yandex's service involving the display of the Customer's Company Card above the other company cards under these Terms and Conditions and the placement of the Customer's Advertising in the Customer's Company Card (if applicable).

Personal Account means a part of Yandex's software (web-interface) securing Yandex-Customer remote communication under the Contract, available to the Customer after logging in using the Customer's login and password on Yandex website, via application programs (including programs for mobile devices) or API.

Contract means a paid services contract, which Yandex and the Customer are parties to.

User means a person, who has signed the Services Contract with Yandex.

For the purposes of these Terms and Conditions, xx used in domain names specified in this document means any top-level or second-level domain extension, in which Yandex administers the domain with the given name.


2.1. While providing the Service, Yandex displays the Customer's Company Card in search results of Yandex.Maps (inter alia, on third-party websites using Yandex.Maps API as stated in the Terms of Use of Yandex.Maps API (https://yandex.ru/legal/maps_api/)) (hereinafter referred to as the "Internet Services") above the other Company Cards for queries same as the types of company activities specified in the Company Card of the Company Directory (yandex.ru/sprav) (Geographical area of the company card) ** and displays a special Mark on a map.

2.2. The following rule additionally applies to Company Cards treated by Yandex.Maps as linked***: search results of Yandex.Maps can display up to three Company Cards treated as linked and promoted through the Service above company cards receiving no Service from Yandex.

2.3. A Company Card promoted through the Service may contain Advertising. However, Advertising can be only impressed in the Customer's Company Card, which is displayed above the other company cards pursuant to the rules specified in cl. 2.1 of the Terms and Conditions.

2.4. A Mark is displayed on a map with reference to a location corresponding to the company address (or that of its separate subdivision) specified in the company card of the Company Directory (yandex.ru/sprav) (Geographical area of the company card)*.


Advertising shall meet current legislative requirements and Yandex's requirements specified in the Advertising Requirements (https://yandex.ru/legal/general_adv_rules/) and the Rules of Placement (https://yandex.ru/support/sprav/favored-placement/moderation.html) publicly available online and in the Personal Account of the Customer.


4.1. The minimum and maximum duration of the Service for one Company Card bound to one location (company card) is as follows:

  • Minimum duration — 90 days;

  • Maximum duration — 360 days.

The service can be acquired for any duration from 90 to 360 days with an interval divisible by 30 days.

4.2. When purchasing the Service as per cl. 5.2 of the Terms and Conditions, Advertising is placed in all linked Company Cards of the Customer, for which the Service was purchased (subject to the procedure specified in cl. 2.3 of the Terms and Conditions).

5. The Cost of the Service:

5.1. for one Company Card, the cost is calculated by the formula:

C = B * M_g * M_r * P * D, where

  • B (basic) is the base cost per month;

  • oM_g (multiplier_geo) is a multiplier from Table 1 depending on the company location;

  • M_r (multiplier_rubric) is a multiplier from Table 2.1 determined by the company rubric as per Table 2. Table 2 and Table 2.1. Rubrics are posted at: http://download.cdn.yandex.net/support/ru/sprav/files/rubric-price.xlsx, which forms an integral part of these Terms and Conditions. If a company has several rubrics, a maximum multiplier from the company rubrics is used in the calculation;

  • P (period) is a planned placement period (in months);

  • D (discount) is a discount granted under Table 4.

B = RUB 3,600 (incl. VAT 18%)

Table 1

City Multiplier
Moscow 2
St. Petersburg 2
Yekaterinburg 1.5
Perm 1.5
Samara 1.5
Khabarovsk 1.5
Kazan 1.5
Nizhny Novgorod 1.5
Krasnodar 1.5
Rostov-on-Don 1.5
Ufa 1.5
Novosibirsk 1
Vladivostok 1
Voronezh 1
Chelyabinsk 1
Saratov 1
Krasnoyarsk 1
Kirov 1
Tyumen 1
Tver 1
Volgograd 1
Yaroslavl 1
Barnaul 1
Ryazan 1
Russian Federation (other cities) 0.8

5.2. for company cards treated as linked, the cost is calculated by the formula:

C_ch (Cost chain) = C(1)* (1 / 1^0.3) + C(2)* (1/ 2^0.3) + … C(N)*(1 / N^0.3) , where

C_(1), C_(2), … , C_(n) is the price of «Priority Positioning in Yandex.Directory» service for a company card recognized as related, calculated as specified in subclause a) of clause 2 of these Terms. The values for each company card recognized as related are sorted in descending order, where C_(1) is the maximum cost and C_(N) is the minimum cost;

1/n^q is a multiplier of a branch defined according to Table 3;

n is a serial number assigned to the company card once it is sorted in descending order;

q (discount_coef) = 0.3

Table 3

Serial number (n) Multiplier 1/n^q
1 1.00
2 0.81
3 0.72
4 0.66
5 0.62
6 0.58
7 0.56
8 0.54
9 0.52
10 0.50
50 0.31
100 0.25
500 0.15

5.3. The cost of the Service includes the cost of display of the Customer's Company Card above the other company cards as per cl. 2.1 of the Terms and Conditions and the cost of display of Advertising as per cl. 2.3 of the Terms and Conditions and does not depend on the number of displays of the Company Card on a higher level as per cl. 2.1 of the Terms and Conditions and on whether there is Advertising in a Company Card promoted through the Service (i.e. if the Customer refuses to place advertising in a Company Card, the cost of the Services for the Company Card remains unchanged).

6. Discounts

A discount is offered to Customers commissioning the Service and depends on the one-off scope of the Service purchased by the Customer within the time limits.

Table 4

Duration (days) of placement of 1 advertisement Discount
From 180 to 330 12.5 %
360 25 %


7. In order to enhance the quality of Yandex.Maps and Services rendered and to develop new offers for Customers, Yandex may hold experiments and change a position, where a Company Card promoted through the Service is displayed, change the way a special Mark accompanying such Company Card looks, and other terms of Company Card display. You can obtain information on such experiments by contacting the help desk via the feedback form at: https://yandex.ru/support/sprav/troubleshooting/favplacement.xml specifying the reason of your inquiry and account/order number. In response to your inquiry, you will be informed of upcoming experiments that will start at least seven (7) calendar days of the date of your inquiry, as well as experiments being conducted at the time of your inquiry.

8. Yandex reserves the right to amend and update this document and/or cancel the Terms and Conditions at any time at own discretion. If Yandex amends the Terms and Conditions, such amendments shall come into effect as soon as the amended Terms and Conditions are posted online at: https://yandex.ru/legal/directory_conditions/, unless any other effective date is specified for such amendments at the time of publication.

9. The Customer confirms and agrees that changes in the Terms and Conditions prompt such changes in the Services Contract, and such changes in the Contract shall come into effect simultaneously with the changes in these Terms and Conditions.

10. A Company Card promoted through the Service can be shown in the wizard (https://yandex.ru/support/search/search-wizards/addresses.xml#addresses) with special Mark on the map.


* On pages of the Internet Services optimized for mobile devices, no Advertising can be shown or the maximum number can be less than the value established for company cards specified in cl. 2.1 of the Terms and Conditions. An advertising position on pages of the Internet Services optimized for mobile devices can differ from the advertising position specified in these Terms and Conditions.

** The placement of a Company Card in Yandex.Maps is not a subject matter of these Terms and Conditions. A Company Card is placed in Yandex.Maps under the User Agreement for Yandex Services (https://yandex.ru/legal/rules/) and Yandex.Maps’ Terms of Use (https://yandex.ru/legal/maps_termsofuse/).

*** Yandex.Maps treats Company Cards (more than 2) as linked, if the companies (their separate subdivisions) specified in the cards have the same name (with no regard to their legal form and type of activity) and there is a type of activity specified in Yandex.Directory's Rubricator of Types of Activities (yandex.by/sprav) the companies share.

One of the following conditions shall be also complied:

1. The same domain is specified in the company cards and in the company website URL.

2. Company cards contain one similar telephone number among other numbers.


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