Impression rules

This document is a translation of «Impression rules» in English. In case of conflict between the Russian version of «Impression rules» and this translation - only the Russian version is legally binding. The Russian version of «Impression rules» can be found here:

This document is valid if it is located in the Internet at the address:

The current edition placement date is "30" november 2012.

The current edition entry into force date is "30" november 2012.

Mandatory rendering condition of Yandex’s services for customer promotional materials placement is the customer’s acceptance and compliance with requirements and conditions set forth in this document named "Impression rules" (hereinafter - the "Impression rules", "Rules").


In order to this document the following terms and definition of which is not shown in the Offer, are used in the following meaning:

"Yandex.Search" Service" (hereinafter the Service /"Yandex.Search")" - the service, the rights to which belong to Yandex and which is administered by Yandex, posted in the Internet at [1].

"The User" - an individual who makes use of the service "Yandex.Search" for its intended purpose, in accordance with the user agreement, available at

"The Hotel official Web Site" – the Hotel site in the Internet, the copyright and (or) the administration of which, according to Yandex, is carried out directly or indirectly by the Hotel. Yandex determines the Official Web Site as it sees fit.

This document can use the terms that are not defined in the Regulations. In this case the term shall be interpreted in accordance with the text of the Agreement to provide services. In the term clear interpretation absence in the text of the Regulations and in the Agreement the term interpretation is defined: in the first place by the legislation of the Russian Federation, in the second place - by the Yandex site, then by the definition that prevails (is in general use) in the Internet.


Information and advertising material data impression (hereinafter referred to as - "announcement") in ad slots are marked as "Advertisement".

Advertisements can be shown in the following advertising spaces:

2.1. On the "Yandex.Search" Service" search results pages ( - depending on the location targeting stipulated by the Parties) - in conjunction with the Hotel Official Web Site or the Hotel Official Web Sites, or, given the number of such sites, as reflected by the page issue. Advertisements are impressed in the format of “Price comparison".

An advertising space sample


3.1. The advertisements selection to be impressed in the advertising space specified in paragraph 2.1. of the Rules take into account the Hotel Official site availability in the search results of "Yandex.Search" Service formed upon the user's request, as well as the Hotel offering price, provided by the Customer in promotional materials.

3.1.1. Impression mode is "price comparison" with the use of advertising materials of three (3) Customers that meet relevance criteria and offer the lowest prices for hotel services. When changing the accommodation dates with the Hotel (hereinafter - the Date) by the Service User it is possible to change the Customers range, whose advertising and informational materials are impressed on the Advertising space. The placement default-set date in the Hotel is the 7th (seventh) calendar day following the date of the User’s search query, and the Offering termination date in the Hotel is the 8th (eighth) calendar date following the date of the User’s search query.


The advertisements are not impressed on the Yandex Services pages optimized for mobile devices.



[1] In order to the present document the notation «xx», used in domain names listed in this document, refers to any domain zone of upper or second level, where Yandex administers the domain with the specified name.