Privacy Policy

Uber ML B.V.

Last modified: on April 16, 2018

This policy describes the information we collect, our purposes for using and sharing it, and your rights regarding this information.

By starting to use Uber ML B.V. services, you accept the Privacy Policy and the conditions and data processing cases described therein. If you do not agree with this Policy completely or in part, you should refrain from using Uber ML B.V. services.

1. This Policy applies to all users of Uber ML B.V. services (hereinafter referred to as “Uber ML B.V.” or “we”) from the Russian Federation, Republic of Belarus, Republic of Kazakhstan, Republic of Azerbaijan and to those who address Uber ML B.V. or otherwise submit their information to us, unless the case is specifically noted. This includes those who use Uber ML B.V. services and its affiliates.

2. Data Controller

Regarding the services provided by Uber ML B.V. in the Russian Federation, Republic of Belarus, Republic of Kazakhstan, Republic of Azerbaijan the data controller for the data submitted by you or collected by Uber ML B.V. or its affiliates and Uber B.V. (a private limited liability company established in the Netherlands, having its offices at Mr. Treublaan 7, 1097 DP, Amsterdam, the Netherlands, registered at the Amsterdam Chamber of Commerce under number 56317441) is Uber ML B.V. with the following registered address: Schiphol Boulevard 165, 1118 BG Schiphol, the Netherlands.

3. The information We Collect

Uber ML B.V. collects the following types of information:

3.1. Information submitted by Uber ML B.V. users (including drivers and delivery persons of Uber ML B.V. partners) when using our services and applications and contacting our customer support service.

3.2. Information which is automatically created during the usage of Uber ML B.V. services and applications, including the information from the user’s device (device location data, device and Uber applications settings, IP address and cookies), transaction information, statistical and behavioral information.

3.3. Information about calls and messages made through the Uber application, including the date and time of the call/text message and the content of the text messages if such function of Uber application is used. This function allows users as well as Uber ML B.V. delivery partners and delivery recipients to call and send text messages to each other without disclosing their phone numbers. Uber ML B.V. may also use this information to ensure customer support service functions (including settling of disputes between users), for safety and security, and for analytics.

3.4. User information (including drivers and Uber ML B.V. delivery partners) from the following sources (including, but not limited to):

  • feedback from other users (such as ratings, complaints and compliments);

  • Uber ML B.V. business partners through which you create or access your Uber account or access Uber ML B.V. services (such as payment providers, social media sites, on-demand music services and applications and websites which use Uber API or whose API Uber ML B.V. is using) as well as Uber ML B.V. business partners who got your consent for information sharing with third parties, for purposes not conflicting the purposes stated in this Policy;

  • insurance, financial and marketing service providers;

  • partner transportation companies (if you are an Uber ML B.V. partner driver who uses our services through an account associated with such a company);

  • owners of an Uber for Business or Uber Family profile that you use;

  • public sources.

4. Information Usage and Purposes

4.1. We use your data to fulfil our obligations as stated in our contracts and agreements with you, and to provide our services and their functions to you. The functions of Uber ML B.V. services include (but are not limited to):

  • providing information from Uber ML B.V. partners for our users;

  • enabling transportation, delivery services etc. by Uber ML B.V. partners;

  • payment processing and facilitation for the services of Uber ML B.V. partners on their behalf;

  • offering, obtaining, providing or facilitating insurance or financing solutions in connection with Uber ML B.V. services;

  • sharing information with other people, (such as when you submit a compliment about an Uber ML B.V. partner driver, refer a friend to Uber ML B.V., split fares, or share your estimated time of arrival);

  • enabling features to personalize your Uber account, such as creating bookmarks for your favorite places;

  • performing internal operations necessary to provide our services, including to troubleshoot software bugs and operational problems, to conduct data analysis, testing, and research, and to monitor and analyze usage and activity trends;

  • collecting information from the devices of Uber ML B.V. partner drivers to identify unsafe driving behavior, harsh braking and acceleration;

  • validation of information about Uber ML B.V. partner drivers;

  • support when you contact customer support service (directing your questions to the appropriate customer support employee; investigating and addressing your concerns; monitoring and quality improvement of customer support).

4.2. For testing, research, analysis and product development we use anonymized, statistical and aggregated data.

4.3. Some functions of Uber ML B.V. services described above require that we partially share the data (including cross-border transmission) with other users, Uber ML B.V. partners, third parties, Uber ML B.V. and its affiliates. For example, part of the information about an Uber ML B.V. partner driver is made available to the user to enable the transportation services of the Uber ML B.V. partner. For the same purposes, part of the user information is made available to the Uber ML B.V. partner and Uber ML B.V. partner driver.

4.4. By using the functions of Uber ML B.V. services and applications you give your consent to Uber ML B.V. to the processing of your data for the purposes specified above through any methods necessary, including cross-border data transmission, by means of automation tools or without such tools.

4.5. Uber ML B.V. may use the collected data to send you information and advertisement messages.

5. Cookies and third-party technology

Cookies are small text files that are stored on your browser or device by websites, applications, online media, and advertisements. Uber ML B.V. uses cookies and similar technologies for purposes such as:

  • authenticating unique Uber ML B.V. services users;

  • remembering user preferences and settings;

  • determining the popularity of content;

  • delivering and measuring the effectiveness of advertising campaigns;

  • analyzing site traffic and trends, and generally understanding the online behaviors and interests of people who interact with our services.

We may also allow others to provide audience measurement and analytics services for us, to serve advertisements on our behalf across the Internet, and to track and report on the performance of those advertisements. These entities may use cookies, web beacons, SDKs, and other technologies to identify your device when you visit our site and use our services, as well as when you visit other online sites and services.

6. Information Sharing and Disclosure

6.1. To ensure the functions of our services and applications, other users of Uber ML B.V. services (including drivers and delivery persons of Uber ML B.V. partners) and Uber ML B.V. partners may be granted access to some of the information collected by Uber ML B.V. :

  • If you are an Uber user, we may share your first name (not surname), average rider rating from the application, and pickup and/or drop off locations with Uber ML B.V. partner drivers.

  • If you share an POOL trip with another Uber user, that user may be told your name and may see your pickup and/or drop off location.

  • If you are a driver or a delivery person of an Uber ML B.V. partner, we may share information with your rider(s) including your name and photo; your vehicle make, model, color, license plate, and vehicle photo; your location; your average rating from the application and contact information (depending upon applicable laws).

  • If you use an account connected or belonging to another user (including Uber ML B.V. partners), we may give the information about your trips to the owner of the account.

  • If you complete a profile as an Uber ML B.V. partner driver, we may also share any information associated with that profile, including information that you submit and feedback that past riders have submitted about you, with Uber users, Uber ML B.V. partners and third parties for enabling the functions of our services and applications and/or on behalf of Uber ML B.V. partners.

  • When the user/delivery recipient receives a receipt, it contains information such as a breakdown of amounts charged, your first name (not surname), photo, a map of the route you took, and other transaction details.

6.2. When using Uber ML B.V. services and applications, users may share their information with third parties (directly when using our services and applications, or through Uber ML B.V.):

  • Uber ML B.V. may share your estimated time of arrival and location with another person at your request, or your trip information when you split a fare with another person.

  • If the user requests a third-party service or Uber ML B.V. services through a partnership or promotional offering made by a third party. This may include, for example, other applications or websites that integrate with our APIs or services, or those with an API or service with which we integrate, or business partners with whom Uber ML B.V. may partner with to deliver a promotion, a contest or a specialized service.

6.3. Your messages sent to us via public forums, Uber ML B.V. blogs, social media and other features of our network become publicly available.

6.4. Sharing user information with third parties may also be required by the applicable law.

7. Information Retention and Deletion Information Management

7.1. Uber ML B.V. retains your information while your account remains active. Upon your request to remove your information or account Uber ML B.V. deletes or anonymizes your information. If the Uber ML B.V. service or application does not include the information removal section or contact form, you can send the request to delete your information and account to our customer support service. Uber ML B.V. may retain information after account deletion if it is required by law, and in aggregated or anonymized form.

7.2. You can access your information through your Uber ML B.V. services account. You can manage the information you submitted in your account, such as your name, phone number and e-mail address, as well as privacy settings, at your will.

7.3. Uber ML B.V. applications may ask or notify the user (depending on the operating system) about permissions to access certain types of data on the user’s device. Your usage of the application means your consent to give the permissions.

7.4. You may opt out of receiving e-mails and other messages from Uber ML B.V. by following the instructions in these messages. Please note that if you opt out, we may still send you nonpromotional messages, such as receipts for your rides or information about your account.

7.5. Uber ML B.V. applies organizational, legal and technical measures to protect your private information.

7.6. When collecting data about users from the Russian Federation, Uber ML B.V. ensures that such data is recorded, structured, gathered, stored, corrected (updated, edited) and extracted through databases located on the territory of the Russian Federation. For these purposes, Uber ML B.V. may assign information processing to its affiliates which have software or hardware and software facilities on this territory.

8. Updates to Policy

This Policy may be occasionally updated. We encourage you to periodically review this Policy for the latest information on our privacy practices. We will also make prior versions of our Privacy Policies available for review. If you use Uber ML B.V. services after a new version of the Privacy Policy comes into operation, it means you consent to the updated Policy.