Long distance boar lure?

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Ага,а родители то и счастливы

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How do extreme athletes overcome fear?

Red Bull Street Trials rider, author of At The Edge – Riding For My Life...

The first psychological stresses of any sport – whether that’s doubting yourself, or being generally scared of what you’re going to do next – can be debilitating, and dangerous. Being unsure can cause someone to make mistakes. In my case, as a street trials biker, I try to do a smaller version of the trick I’m about to attempt, before working up to the larger version. That builds confidence and technique. I always make sure to ride within my limits. That’s rule number one.

The second rule is to visualise what you’re about to do, and to see a successful outcome. Practice will also help you to achieve that. You’ll develop a feeling for the trick ahead and you’ll see what’s going to happen in your mind. The more you do it, the more vivid and realistic the sensations will become in your visualisations.

Then, if you’re really taking on challenges that are pushing yourself, rule three is to use music. Before a new stunt, I put in my headphones and play a track that makes me feel good, or I know well, and use certain points in a song as cue. When a chorus kicks in, I’ll lock my foot in the pedals and push off. It’s like a starting gun. I find it takes my mind off any fear that might have crept in.

Danny Macaskill is the author of At The Edge – Riding For My Life

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How do I stop foxes from going through my bins?

Chief Horticulturalist, The Royal Horticultural Society. @GuyBarter

Sadly, there’s nothing you can do about it. Even if you pay for a pest control company to remove the foxes, another one will come in quite quickly. We have urban foxes because they were always hunted by dogs or by man in the countryside to keep the populations. They realised there is much more food in cities.

The simplest answer to get around the problem is to armour your bins. Put a breeze block on top of them so the fox can’t get in. Or invest in bins that are too tall for the fox to lever the lid off. Black plastic bags are an open invitation to the fox, so if you can’t accommodate them in a bin, at least make a strong wire enclosure to hold them in place until the dustmen arrive.

The urban fox is fearless. It knows it exactly what it wants and what it can do. There are no real predators for them in the city. People keep their dogs locked up at night so foxes can do pretty much what they like. Though there’s research to suggest that in areas where dogs are allowed to run around all day, the fox populations are lower, but in the posh parts of town, where the pampered pooches stay in doors, the foxes thrive. The main cause of mortality is road traffic accidents, which is rather sad because they’re often injured and take a long time to die.

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Порода собаки Lil Pump?

Эксперт в области ВКонтакте

Бишон фризе. Небольшой факт об этой породе, чтобы набрать 140 символов: «Bichon poil frise» переводится с французского как «кучерявая болонка». Бишоны являются прародителями всех видов болонок. Испанские моряки завезли этих собак на Тенерифе до XIV века. Тенерифские собаки ловили крыс на корабле, шерсть у собак изначально была белоснежной, это было обусловлено особенностями климата. После появления на континенте порода стала любимой у королевской знати.

Что это за скрипучий сэмпл Cypress Hill используют в треке Insane In The Brain ?

Помню, когда сам впервые нашёл этот сэмпл , не мог поверить своим глазам и ушам. Это, ни много ни мало, лошадь ржёт.
Mel & Tim - Good Guys Only Win in the Movies (на второй секунде)


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