Please install the following effects to restore these references. (“Levels Enhance”, “Particular”)?

Сергей У.
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Не понимаю, в чём суть этого вопроса и почему он на английском? Ну да ладно. Если нужен перевод, то он дословно такой : "Пожалуйста, установите следующие эффекты, чтобы восстановить эти ссылки. (“Уровень Усиления”, “Конкретное”)? "

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What is the origin of the phrase 'for toffee', as in 'he can't write for toffee'?

Associate Editor, the Oxford English Dictionary.

The colloquial phrase ‘not to be able to do something for toffee’ means to be incompetent at something, and the earliest evidence we’ve found for its usage is from 1896. That doesn’t mean that’s the first time the phrase was used, just that it’s the earliest use we’ve found so far. The phrase appears in a collection called New Sporting Stories by ‘G.G.’ in the following extract: “Flitters said that I could not ride for toffee.”

Starting from 1896 we can then trace this usage through the decades. For example, in a 1905 report of a cricket match we read that the Australian team cannot “bowl for toffee”. A 1914 article about the Great War in the Illustrated London News reports that "their opponents cannot ‘shoot for nuts’ (or ‘for toffee’, as one Tommy more expressly put it)", and Margaret Kennedy’s 1951 novel Lucy Carmichael describes “those dreary girls you get in every Drama School who can't act for toffee”.

As the 1914 quotation shows, the phrase ‘for nuts’ was used in the same way as ‘for toffee’ and at the time it was a popular way to describe incompetence. Now, however, ‘for nuts’ is rarely used and ‘for toffee’ has become the more common expression. It first appears in the late 19th century and the earliest evidence we have on file is from 1895 in William Pett Ridge’s book Minor Dialogues, which contains the line: “An' the eldest gal she thinks she can play, and, if you'll believe me, she carn't play for nuts.”

Toffee or nuts were seen as something good which might be offered as a reward. So it seems to me that the phrase means that someone is so incompetent that he or she can’t do a given task even if they are offered a reward of toffee.

15 ноября 2016  · 1,5 K
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What does Chancellor Philip Hammond's Autumn Statement really mean?

CEO and Co-Founder of RationalFX. @RFXCorporate

Chancellor Philip Hammond’s Autumn Statement maps out a new direction for post-Brexit Britain, with an emphasis on investment in infrastructure, housing, and boosting the UK’s productivity in a step away from the austerity-focused policies of his predecessor. Of particular note to businesses is the Chancellor’s commitment to supporting UK tech start-ups and preventing them from being absorbed by much larger companies, with £1bn of new funds being made available . This will be welcome news as it not only ensures the long-term survival of many fast growing start-up firms but it also ensures the UK’s status as a nurturing environment and hub for tech entrepreneurs.

As predicted by many, Hammond’s economic growth forecast for 2017 saw a reduction to 1.4% from the 2.2% predicted in March. Even so, the pound rose slightly during the announcement, with high value investments such as funding local growth in the north and midlands, as well as funds for innovation and productivity, striking a positive note with the markets. However this optimism did not last long, as the uncertainty that still remains over the future of the UK’s economy due to Brexit still appears too great for the pound to escape. Analysts will likely be watching closely over the coming months to see whether or not the measures contained with the Autumn Statement will have the desired boost to sterling and the UK.

RationalFX is the UK’s first online foreign exchange service, offering customers more competitive exchange rates for their money. 

CD Projekt рассказала о модели работы над будущими проектами и DLC для Cyberpunk 2077

Взаимная подписка, делаю сайты

CD Projekt RED рассказала, что пострелизная поддержка Cyberpunk 2077 будет аналогична той, которая была у The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. Компания будет регулярно выпускать небольшие бесплатные DLC, а также создаст три больших платных аддона. Об их содержимом или сроках их релиза ничего неизвестно.

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ATA Device Configuration Change has Occured - что это и как убрать?

Редактор "Настоящего даЙдЖеста" онлайн-журнала «ИЖ»

Сбросьте настройки BIOS на заводские и сохраните, а потом по очереди вносите изменения, которые вам нужны. Ошибка, если всплывёт, то после известного вам изменения.

How can you trust a system where about half of early-mined bitcoins have never been used, and therefore maintain a risk of hyperinflation?

A Harvard HBX graduate and a crypto enthusiast.

The answer is you cannot. As a legendary investor and Vanguard Group Inc. founder Jack Bogle said, "There is nothing to support bitcoin except the hope that you will sell it to someone for more than you paid for it," which is well illustrated in the producer surplus concept. As of today, bitcoin is by definition a highly speculative instrument, and the vast majority of individuals buying into it do not assess the risk of hyperinflation. But what they do is making a trade-off between saving money without incurring any risk of loss and putting it in bitcoin with possible great returns.

7 декабря 2017  · < 100