Which British music venue do bands love playing the most?

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At the moment I would say it’s the O2 in London. It’s the venue that everyone wants to have on their world tour and is the biggest selling venue in the world by a long shot. Whether they love playing it is another matter.

There are other venues that acts will want to play for historical reasons – like the Rose Bowl in LA. You hear a lot about Glasgow and Ireland – that the best audiences are in the Celtic countries. That is maybe because historically bands never tended to go there so when they did people went bonkers and that has passed down the generations. People still go bonkers. Barrowlands in Glasgow has a good audience but it is a nightmare to load in and out gear. Maybe the bands like to play there but the roadies don’t.

It used to be that everyone wanted to say, “Hello, Wembley!” Now it’s, “Hello, London!” The O2 is effectively double the size of Wembley Arena. It has become an iconic venue. Wembley, even though it has been renovated, is basically just a shed.

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