Cyber security
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What will be the biggest technological change of the next 10 years?

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BBC Click’s longest serving presenter, author of new novel Elite: Mostly...  · 17 октября 2016
It’s not very sexy. You’d think I’d say something like mixed reality, AI or robotics – but no. The most seismic change will be in cyber security. From 25 May 2018, the Data Protection Act – which we currently abide by, and which gives fines of about £500,000 for data breaches – is... Читать далее
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If Tor responds with hyperlinks to requests to install the browser in countries where it's banned, what's to stop governments from banning access to those URLs?

Olga Zeveleva

Tor Browser Co-Founder and President  · 23 августа 2017
The idea is to have many mirrors of the Tor website across the world, with some of them on websites that governments will hesitate to completely block. These include Dropbox, Github, Google Drive, Amazon S3, the Chrome app store, and so on. Because of the "https" encryption that these... Читать далее
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Should the West be worried about North Korea?

Andrew Mueller
John Everard, former UK ambassador to Belarus, Uruguay and North Korea, former...  · 14 декабря 2016
Yes, we should be worried. We should be very worried. Although North Korea doesn’t present scenes of violence such as we see in Syria or Yemen at the moment, it does have the potential to be a much, much nastier problem. We are looking at a regime which simply doesn’t share the values... Читать далее
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Who is winning the cyberwar, security or hackers ?

Yannou Sensei