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Is photography art?

Andrew Male
We love art that encompasses historical knowledge and would like to teach you how to read...  · 29 окт 2017
To add to the very profound answer by photographer Giles Duley, can I just pick and choose 3 quotes by  Marcel Duchamp? Why him? Because he challenged the whole idea of what art actually is: Can works be made which are not 'of art'?  The word 'art' interests me very much. If it comes... Читать далее
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Are we truly living in a post-truth era?

Rachelle del Aguila
Alexis Papazoglou is lecturer in philosophy at Royal Holloway, University of London...  · 3 февр 2017
Depends what we mean by post-truth.  The Oxford Dictionary, which chose ‘post-truth’ as the word for the year 2016 defines it thus: “relating to or denoting circumstances in which objective facts are less influential in shaping public opinion than appeals to emotion and personal... Читать далее
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Why has the ‘mainstream media’ become such a toxic concept?

Тоня Самсонова
PhD Candidate, Department of Sociology, University of Cambridge  · 22 нояб 2016
This is a rather facile answer to an important question and one that can be easily gleaned from the Op-Ed pages of The Guardian. You fail to mention the ownership structure of the media and how this impacts its editorial decisions, its access to resources and the proliferation of unpaid... Читать далее
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What should I do to become a good journalist?

Victoria Medvedeva
PhD researcher at City University, London looking at TV news and scandal from a...  · 26 янв 2017
In order to become a good journalist you first have to become a journalist. The profession is changing rapidly these years, both in terms of technology but also in the way that journalism is taught. Back in the days, journalism was seen as a trade where the hopeful young journalist-to-be... Читать далее

How can we provide public service journalism if readers just won't pay for it?

Stuart Muirhead
Lecturer in journalism at City University. @tomfelle @cityjournalism  · 24 февр 2017
There’s no easy answer, but I’ll touch on some of the bigger issues. I’d reject the premise of the question to a certain extent. Readers do pay for journalism and public service journalism – not all readers, admittedly, but people are still buying newspapers, albeit in lesser numbers... Читать далее
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Does citizen journalism really expose truth or just spread misinformation?

спрашивает Team
President Emeritus of the Commonwealth Journalists Association, former Asia Editor (BBC...  · 21 окт 2016
Citizen journalism certainly has its merits. Proponents would claim it fills a vacuum created by an often biased mainstream media. It’s true: we can’t always rely on traditional media to tell us all of the news that we should be hearing, for a variety of reasons, some insidious, some pra... Читать далее
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What are the biggest threats to press freedom today?

спрашивает Team
President Emeritus of the Commonwealth Journalists Association, former Asia Editor (BBC...  · 1 нояб 2016
Oppressive governments around the world that wish to suppress free speech are clearly the biggest threat to press freedom, in my view. As President of the Commonwealth Journalists’ Association I received many worrying reports vof journalists being arrested, abducted and tortured for... Читать далее
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Is the BBC the mouthpiece of the establishment?

Olga Zeveleva
Sociologist. Centre for Critical Inquiry into Society and Culture (CCISC), Aston...  · 10 дек 2016
I’m assuming this question relates to the BBC’s journalism, as opposed to its cultural output, and on that score the evidence from decades of research is very clear. It shows that BBC journalism is overwhelmingly orientated towards ‘establishment’ sources, that is to say powerful... Читать далее
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Why do people believe scientific myths?

Joe Mugford
Plant biology research scientist John Innes Centre in Norwich, UK, co-creator of www.stats...  · 21 нояб 2016
On the whole, I’m optimistic about the way the public sees science. Most people understand it as a way to generate new knowledge, and they are not particularly credulous when presented with a controversial or counterintuitive new fact. The natural instinct is “well, how do these people... Читать далее
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Who’s the greatest journalist of all time?

Andrew Harrison
President Emeritus of the Commonwealth Journalists Association, former Asia Editor (BBC...  · 17 окт 2016
This is a very difficult question. There are so many journalists with a range of knowledge and skills. But I would name Charles Wheeler, who may not have been an international name but was admired and trusted by professionals and the public who were familiar with his work. He joined the... Читать далее
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