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Etiquette coach, author and broadcaster. @williamhanson

How can I tell what social class I am?

спрашиваетJoanna Witt  · 1 ответ
This is a good question and one that probably requires an entire thesis to answer, but I would say that in the modern world class is all about behaviour, mannerisms and state of mind. Of... Читать далее
We love art that encompasses historical knowledge and would like to teach you how to read artworks by yourself, using the skills acquired by attending our art tours from the Renaissance to Modernity.

What are the best ways of understanding contemporary art?

спрашиваетGera Bogdanov  · 2 ответа
When I don't know much about art... 🤔 Seven questions to ask yourself when looking at art : 1 Does the artwork tell a story? 2 Are there any issues in the work? 3 what kind of images... Читать далее
Author of several books on etiquette, including Her Ladyship’s Guide to the Art of Conversation, published by Batsford.

What is 'common' in etiquette terms?

спрашиваетJoanna Witt  · 1 ответ
I think the whole concept of something being referred to as common is terribly old fashioned. It’s a class-riddled term and a way the upper classes used to maintain that they were superior... Читать далее
John Grindrod is the author of Concretopia: A Journey Around the Rebuilding of Postwar Britain. dirtymodernscoundrel.com @Grindrod

Why do so many modern buildings in town centres all look the same?

спрашиваетAndrew Male  · 1 ответ
There are a number of possible reasons for that. In the post-war era there was a desire to rationalise everything. It was a reaction against everything from medieval street layouts to the... Читать далее