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Можно ли транслировать с Bluetooth устройств на TV видео /аудио сигнал, если вставить в USB Bluetooth адаптер?

Curing Hands
Онлайн. Быстро. Рядом.  · 4 апр 2020  ·
Добрый день! К сожалению, Bluetooth-адаптеры помогут в «обратной» ситуации, когда нужно с телевизора транслировать что-то на устройства вывода звука/изображения. В этом случае вы сможете выводить звук на беспроводные наушники или полностью изображение со звуковым рядом, например, на... Читать далее
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Как настроить телевизор Полар P28L33T2C на канальное телевидение?

Алла М.

Имею естественно научное образование, в юношестве прикипел к литературе, сейчас активно...  · 2 сент 2019
Вам нужно зайти в Меню-Каналы Там выбрать страну вещания, далее в пункте "Режим телевизора" выбираем "Эфир" После чего запускаем автопоиск и выбираем нужные вам каналы Ждем завершения автопоиска. Читать далее
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Why can't Doctor Who meet his friends from the past like Donna, Mickey etc even though some of them still exist in his reality?

Dani Potion
User of The Question  · 9 янв 2017
This is a good question. If the Doctor can travel anywhere in time and space, why doesn’t he always visit old friends? Why should goodbye mean goodbye forever? And why doesn’t he constantly meet people from his own future, who know more about his destiny than he does? In fact it’s a... Читать далее
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Do people learn about society from TV shows, and is this bad for society?

Katya Zeveleva
'Do people learn?' is itself a complicated question. But assuming that learning is possible, we can indeed find ways in which some people, do learn from TV shows some things about society. The initial reason for this is that TV shows, as part of popular culture, is a social artifact... Читать далее
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Why is EastEnders so miserable?

Leona Thomas
Exec Producer on US daytime drama The Young And The Restless. Formerly producer on...  · 7 февр 2017
Great drama is about conflict, challenges and thereby, most often, great misery. I produced a Channel 4 show years ago called Brookside. It was always referred to as “the miserable Merseyside soap” and in fact we repeatedly had an argument with The Times who’d always put that in their... Читать далее
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Are the Hosts in Westworld conscious?

Andrew Harrison
Associate Professor of Philosophy at Central European University. Job: explaining consciou...  · 6 дек 2016
* Warning! Spoilers! Don’t read unless you’ve seen the season finale of Westworld. There’s a great deal of discussion about the possibility of Artificial Intelligence. But what of the possibility of Artificial Consciousness? Will we ever create beings that not only walk and talk and... Читать далее

Why are American soaps so different from UK soaps?

Lili Harges
Exec Producer on US daytime drama The Young And The Restless. Formerly producer on...  · 8 февр 2017
The US TV industry is based on the movie business – stars, brands, concepts, the logline, the poster. UK TV is based on the theatre and literature – the author’s voice, Dickens and Shakespeare. America is aspirational, UK is still class-conscious. They look up to and celebrate fame... Читать далее
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Do we believe what the media tell us?

Тоня Самсонова
University of Cambridge researcher focusing on public debate, social media, and disinforma...  · 26 окт 2016
The question of how media influence public opinion began being asked in earnest after World War II, when researchers first tried to model the ways information reaches a mass audience. Since then, a whole gaggle of theoretical frameworks has sprung up, with their roots in such diverse... Читать далее
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Do Christmas advertising campaigns start too early in the year?

Stephen Eastwood
Reader in Advertising and Digital Media and Director of the Media and Persuasive...  · 23 нояб 2016
For me, as a general consumer, the answer is yes, most certainly so! But from the point of view of marketers and advertisers, I think you’ve got to assume that it works. They don’t start their campaigns this early just because they want to; they do it because they think there’s profit... Читать далее
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What’s the transfer window deadline day like for a football agent?

Matt Allen
Agent at Impact Sports Management, boutique sports agency and management firm...  · 31 янв 2017
Funnily enough it’s not a day of frantic activity as created by the media (though if something comes it last minute, it can be). Instead it’s like a normal working day for a football agent, but in this case there’s more tying up of loose ends, stuff that you’ve been working on for three... Читать далее
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