Irena Schneider
PhD Candidate in Political Economy at King's College London @schneider_irena
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What is the most exciting research going on in physics right now?

Irena Schneider

Physicist and quantum technology specialist at the National Physical...  · 29 января 2017
The most exciting area of physics research right now has to be the field of ‘quantum engineering’ – the exploitation of the laws of quantum mechanics to design and build devices with new and unprecedented properties. When I was a student, the mysterious and counter-intuitive properties... Читать далее
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Is Russia a real superpower or has Putin just conned us into believing so?

Diana Semenosa
PhD Candidate in Political Economy at King's College London @schneider_irena  · 18 января 2017
It depends on what makes a superpower. If we judge Russia on its economic performance, military prowess and technological development, the country is well behind the United States. But the superpower status that the United States enjoys in these regards is unlikely to be meaningful in a... Читать далее
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