Similar users segment

You can use only one of your own segments to create a similar users segment. You cannot create a similar users segment based on segments that other Yandex.Audience users have given you access to.

In the Segments tab, click Create segment and choose Derivative segment → Similar segment. Alternatively, click in the row for the source segment and choose Similar users segment. Enter the name for your new segment and which original segment to use.

Yandex.Audience selects users with similar interests and internet behavior based on the data from your original segment. Users from your original segment will not end up in the new segment.

Next, decide how similar the users in your new segment must be to the users in the original segment. Please note that the more specific your matching conditions are between users in the segment you create and the original segment, the fewer cookies will be added to the created segment.

By default, the distribution of users by city and device type in the similar segment will be close to the original segment. For example, if in the original segment half of the users were from Moscow and the other half were from St. Petersburg, then in the similar segment there will be same distribution of users by city. If you cannot find users having kept the original distribution, then Yandex.Audience will select more similar users by disregarding the distribution by city or device type. To find users in any city or with any device, turn off the relevant options.

The segment you create will be assigned the “Processing” status. The processing time depends on your selected settings and will take at least two hours.

If the coverage is at least 1000 cookies, the segment status will change to “Finished”. Then you can use this segment to set up your ad campaign.