Protect: Antishock

Antishock is an extension for Yandex.Browser that blocks banner ads with unpleasant images, pornography or advertising for websites that may offer fraudulent services. Antishock is part of the Protect integrated security system.

What makes annoying ads dangerous?

Antishock is a Yandex.Browser technology that blocks banner ads with unpleasant images, pornography, or advertising for websites that may offer fraudulent services.

Why this type of ad might be threatening:

  • Theft of passwords or money. Popup windows may pretend to be notifications from social networks, program updates, or messages from antivirus programs about malicious files. If you click them, you might give your passwords to attackers or lose money.
  • Fee-based services. Banner ads may contain deceptive messages (for example, about prize winnings, weight loss, predictions, and so on). Clicking on them can lead to money being deducted from your mobile phone account.
  • Shock. Banners might contain pornographic images, animations of unpleasant events, disasters, physical trauma, illnesses, intimate body parts, etc.
  • Fraud. Banners that promise large pay-outs without indicating for what may lead you to the sites of hackers or financial pyramid schemes.
  • Obtrusiveness. When you open a new page and click any area or interface element, a new window may appear advertising something unrelated to the site contents. Some pop-ups open additional advertising windows when you close them.

Enabling and disabling Antishock

  1. In the right part of SmartBox, click any Protect toolbar icon.
  2. In the Security settings section, turn the Block ads with offensive, shocking or unpleasant images option on or off.

Disable Antishock on a given site

To disable Antishock on a given site, follow these steps:

  1. Open the website where you want to allow advertising.
  2. Select Don't use Antishock on this site.