Keyboard shortcuts

Restriction. You can't disable or customize browser shortcuts. The only exception is keyboard shortcuts for extensions.
Tabs, bookmarks, and history
Tabs Create new tab

Ctrl + T

Open link in new tab

Ctrl + click link

Open link in new tab and switch to it

Ctrl + Shift + click link

Close active tab

Ctrl + W

Ctrl + F4

Open last closed tab

Ctrl + Shift + T

Move one tab to right

Ctrl + Tab

Ctrl + PageDown

Move one tab to left

Ctrl + Shift + Tab

Ctrl + PageUp

Select tab by its number order (from 1 to 8)

Ctrl + 1-8

Select last tab

Ctrl + 9

Bookmarks Create new bookmark for current page

Ctrl + D

Create bookmarks for all open pages

Ctrl + Shift + D

Open bookmark manager

Ctrl + Shift + O

Enable or disable bookmarks bar

Ctrl + Shift + B

History Open list of downloads

Ctrl + J

Open history

Ctrl + H

Open the tool for clearing your browsing data, cache and downloads

Ctrl + Shift + Del

Create new window

Ctrl + N

Create a new window in Incognito mode

Ctrl + Shift + N

Close active window

Alt + F4

Open link in new window

Shift + click link

Maximize window to full screen


Exit full-screen mode


Navigation Go back

Alt +

Go forward

Alt +

Go to Yandex home page

Alt + Home

Stop page loading


Refresh page


Refresh page without using cache (load page again)

Ctrl + F5

Ctrl + R

Scroll the page down one screen


Go back to the top of the page


Go to the end of the page


Current page Save page as

Ctrl + S

Print page

Ctrl + P

Increase page zoom

Ctrl + Plus

Decrease page zoom

Ctrl + Minus

Set page zoom at 100%

Ctrl + 0

Switch reader mode on or off Alt + B
Edit Select all

Ctrl + A


Ctrl + C


Ctrl + X


Ctrl + V

Keep source formatting

not available


Ctrl + Z

Open file

Ctrl + O

Search Find on current page

Ctrl + F


Find next on page

Ctrl + G

Find previous on page

Ctrl + Shift + G

Address bar
Open address in new tab

Alt + Enter

Go to the address bar and open Tableau


Go to the address bar and use the default search engine

Ctrl + K

Select text in address bar

Ctrl + L

Move cursor to previous word

Ctrl +

Move cursor to next word

Ctrl +

Delete word in front of cursor

Ctrl + Backspace

Add www. and .com to address and open URL

Ctrl + Enter

Open Tableau

Ctrl + T

Go to a site after opening Tableau

Alt + 1, 2...

Developer tools
View source code

Ctrl + U

Open developer tools (the Elements tab)

Ctrl + Shift + C

Open developer tools (the Network tab)

Ctrl + Shift + I

Open the JavaScript console

Ctrl + Shift + J

Open task manager (when tabs and windows freeze)

Shift + Esc

Switch to a different user account

Ctrl + Shift + M

Close browser

Ctrl + Shift + Q

Minimize browser

not available

Download file (epub, pdf formats) without previewing

Alt + click link

Send link by email

not available

Use special characters

not available

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