Creating bookmarks

  1. Open the page you want to add to bookmarks.
  2. On the right side of the SmartBox, click .

Bookmarks bar

Bookmarks and bookmark folders are displayed in the bookmark panel below the SmartBox and above the Tableau when opening a new tab.

There are several ways to enable and disable the bookmark panel:

Click   → Bookmarks → Show bookmarks bar.

Actions with bookmarks

  1. Click   → Bookmarks → Bookmark dispatcher.
  2. Select the bookmarks folder from the menu on the left.

After syncing the browser on different devices, folders with the device name will appear in the menu on the left (e.g., Smartphone or Tablet PC). For more information, see the section Bookmarks on different devices.

Importing bookmarks from another browser

To transfer bookmarks from another browser:

  1. Click   → Bookmarks → Import bookmarks.
  2. In the Import bookmarks and settings window, choose the browser to transfer bookmarks from.
  3. Select the Favorites and bookmarks option (if you want only want to transfer these settings, turn off all the other options).
  4. Click the Import button. A window opens with a notification about successfully importing bookmarks.
  5. If necessary, select the option Always show the bookmarks bar.
  6. Click Done.

If your computer is used by several users, we recommend that you create a separate personal profile for each user in your browser. This will prevent mixing up your bookmarks. For more information, see the section Personal user profile.