Blocking dangerous content downloads on HTTPS pages

The HTTPS protocol supports data encryption and is considered to be secure for transferring confidential information. Connections over HTTPS are only safe, however, if all page elements are encrypted. Sometimes website pages are loaded over HTTPS, but they contain unencrypted elements: plug-ins, JavaScript scripts, CSS style sheets, etc. Hackers can intercept and use these to crack the site. Therefore classic Yandex.Browser protects you from unencrypted elements.

Blocking unencrypted elements

Attention. We do not recommend downloading unencrypted elements if you are going to enter personal data or make online payments through this website.
If a page uses HTTPS but includes unencrypted elements, then they will be blocked and on the right side of SmartBox появится значок .

If you want to load blocked content:

  1. Click the  icon.
  2. In the window that opens, click Load insecure content.