Playing video and audio in the browser

Which file formats will play?

Classic Yandex.Browser can open audio and video files with the following file extensions:

File extension Supported
Video mp4 +
flv +
swf +
avi +
webm +
mpg +
ogv +
x-m4v +
wmv +
m4v +
File extension Supported
Audio mp3 +
wav +
m4a +
wma +
ogg +
x-m4a +
mpeg +

What should I do if a file doesn't play in the browser?

In some cases multimedia files load to the computer but don't play back in the browser. Installing a plug-in can solve this problem:

File extension Plug-ins
Video avi Install the VLC Web Plugin module
wmv This format is not supported in Windows prior to version 7
mpg Install the VLC Web Plugin module
File extension Plug-ins
Audio wma Install the VLC Web Plugin module
Note. If a site owner doesn't allow you to open a file in classic Yandex.Browser, the file downloads to the user's computer. To open it in the browser, drag the icon of the downloaded file over from the upper panel in the browser window or use the keyboard shortcutCtrl + O.