Search options

You can search for information online using the SmartBox, voice search, or context menu. In addition to searching for words, the mobile Yandex.Browser also supports image search.

  1. SmartBox
  2. Voice search
  3. Text search
  4. Tableau


The SmartBox is the main element in Yandex Browser that you use for searching. The SmartBox is located in the lower part of your browser.

The SmartBox may disappear from the screen when you're viewing a website so that it doesn't continue to take up screen space. If you want to make it reappear, tap the bottom edge of the browser.

Note. You can add SmartBox to your Android notification bar (to open th bar, swipe down from the top of your smartphone screen). To do this, go to Settings and enable Show Search in the notifications bar under Notifications.
To enter a search query or go to a website:
  1. Use the SmartBox to enter search terms, a URL, or the name of a website (you can use your voice or the keyboard to enter searches).
  2. Tap Enter.

Yandex Browser will automatically detect whether to show you a website or search results.

You can use the following icons in the SmartBox:
  • — clear the SmartBox
  • — refresh the open page
  •  — start a voice search.
Note the search suggestions when entering text:
  •  — websites that you have already visited
  •  — websites in your bookmarks
  • — similar search terms (tap the desired option to put it in the SmartBox).

Voice search

Voice input can be used for both search queries and website addresses. To initiate voice search, tap on the right side of the SmartBox.

Note. Voice search is available in Russian, English, Ukrainian, and Turkish. If the smartphone uses one of these languages by default, the browser automatically selects it for voice search. If the smartphone uses another language by default, English is selected for voice search.
Change the voice search language
  1. Tap the icon (if there is no icon, tap the menu button on the smartphone).
  2. Choose Settings.
  3. Go to the Search section.
  4. Tap Voice search language.
  5. Choose the language for voice search.

Text search

To get more information about something:

  1. Select a word or a phrase:
    • Tap and hold to select a word.
    • To select multiple words, tap the first word and then move the slider to the right.
  2. Tap Find in Yandex in the bar that appears above the SmartBox.

The result will be shown in Yandex search results.


You can search for images in the browser that match a specific picture. Image search uses Yandex computer vision algorithms. The search results show exact copies of the given image, as well as images that are slightly different (for example, photos of kittens of the same breed).

To find similar images:

  1. Tap and hold an image on a web page.
  2. In the context menu, tap Find this image in Yandex.

The result will be displayed in the Yandex.Images search results.