Use the Tableau to go to your favorite sites in one tap. The Tableau opens when you open a new tab.

  1. Sites on the Tableau
  2. Add a website to Tableau
  3. Edit the Tableau

Sites on the Tableau

Sites are automatically added to and removed from the Tableau based on how often you visit them. Sites that you always want to have handy can be pinned to the Tableau.

Maximum number of sites on the Tableau is 20.

Note. You can add the Tableau to the Android notification bar (swipe down from the top of the smartphone's screen to open it). To do this, go to Settings and enable Show Tableau in the notification bar in Notifications.

Add a website to Tableau

  1. Go to the desired site.
  2. Tap the icon (if there is no icon, tap the menu button on the smartphone).
  3. Tap Add to Tableau.

Edit the Tableau

You can pin, unpin, move, or remove sites on the Tableau:

  1. Tap  to switch to tab navigation mode.
  2. Click the  icon.
  3. Tap and hold any site on the Tableau.
  4. Perform the desired action:
    • To pin a site, tap .
    • To unpin a site, tap .
    • To remove a site, tap .
    • To move a site on the Tableau, drag it to the spot you want.