Ad blocking using third-party extensions

Attention. This function is not available for all users since it's still being developed.

You can block ads in the Yandex.Browser using special extensions. Install an extension that is supported by your browser on your tablet, and it will bock ads that it finds on the sites that you browse.

  1. Supported extensions
  2. Enabling and disabling content blocking
  3. Managing ad blocking on selected sites

Supported extensions

Ad blocking extensions compatible with Samsung Internet for Android are supported, for example:

Unlike Antishock, which blocks only shocking ads, third-party extensions can have other blocking criteria. A third-party extension also updates the advertising filters.

Note. Developers of ad blocking extensions can integrate them into the Yandex.Browser using the Content Blocking API. In this case, if the extension is compatible with Samsung Internet for Android, it will automatically be compatible with the Yandex.Browser.

Enabling and disabling content blocking

To turn on ad blocking:

  1. Tap   → Settings.
  2. Go to the Content blocking section.
  3. Tap Blocking extensions.
  4. The screen will display a list of ad blocking extensions that have been installed on your tablet. Select the desired extension.

To turn off ad blocking, open the list of extensions and select the  Disable option. If you delete an extension that is selected in the list from your tablet, then the Disable option will be selected automatically.

Managing ad blocking on selected sites

Sometimes you may need to allow ads on a certain site. For example, if the extension has blocked important elements of the page together with ads or if the website cannot be accessed while ad blocking is turned on.

Unblock ads on a site

Tap   → Unblock contents.

To resume ad blocking, tap Block content.