Working with Collections

Yandex Browser for Mobile offers built-in Collections — a service where you can collect sites and images on your subjects of interest. Log in on your Yandex account on every synced device and add new items to your collections. You can also add bookmarks to your collections to access them from other browsers.

  1. Viewing collections
  2. Adding pages and images
  3. Editing a collection
  4. Make a collection public

Viewing collections

To open Collections in Yandex Browser for Mobile:

  1. Tap  → New tab.
  2. Swipe the Tableau down.

Above the Tableau, you will see the horizontal collection feed with the latest collection updates above it. The list of updates can be scrolled vertically, while the collections can be scrolled horizontally.

Note. If you don't want to see collections when you open a new tab, disable them. To do this, go to settings, tap Yandex.Collections and disable the option Show Yandex.Collections on the main screen.

To view the contents of a collection, like My links, tap on its card.

To view all your collections, tap the Open link to the right of the My collections name.

Tip. You can view images, videos, and bookmarks added to the Collection in any browser. To do this, open the Yandex site in your browser, log in, and then tap in the upper-right corner of the page. If you grant public access to your collection, you will see it in a different browser and also without logging in to Yandex. However, other Yandex users will also see this collection.

Adding pages and images

You can save webpage bookmarks in two places:

  • In the Bookmark Manager. In this case, you can view them on your synced devices in Yandex Browser only.
  • In Collections. In this case, you can view them using other browsers as well.

To add a webpage to a collection:

  1. Open the webpage.
  2. Tap  → Add to Collections.
  3. In the panel that opens at the bottom of the screen, tap the Edit link.
  4. Select the collection where you want to add the webpage (or create a new collection).

If you don't tap the Edit link, the webpage will appear in the default collection (the most recently updated collection or, if this is the first webpage you add, the Phone collection), and it will only be available in the Bookmark manager.

You can also add a page to a collection by saving its link:

  1. Tap and hold the link to do it.
  2. In the context menu, select Add to collections.

Editing a collection

Restriction. If you haven't logged in on Yandex, you cannot use all the features. You can only delete a card or move it between the My links and Phone collections.
  1. Tap  → New tab.
  2. Swipe the Tableau down.
  3. Select a collection in the horizontal feed.
  4. Find a card (of an image or link). You can:
    • Move it to another collection. To the right of the card, tap  → Move. Select the collection where you want to add the card (or create a new one).
    • Change the description. To the right of the card, tap  → Edit. Edit the card description and tap Save changes.
    • Remove from collections. To the right of the card, tap  → Remove. Confirm deletion.

Make a collection public

Restriction. This feature is only available after authorization on Yandex.
  1. Tap  → New tab.
  2. Swipe the Tableau down.
  3. Select a collection in the horizontal feed.
  4. Under the collection name, tap .
  5. Turn off the option Will be visible only to me.
  6. Click Done.

If you didn't find the information you needed in the Support section, or are experiencing a problem with Yandex Browser, please give us a step-by-step description of your actions. Take a screenshot if possible. This will help our support specialists quickly find the solution to the issue you're experiencing.