List of encryption keys

Key nameKey description
EncKeyThe key for encrypting the password store.
PubKeyThe public key. Used for encrypting EncKey. Stored in plain text (unencrypted) format.
PrivKeyPrivate key. Used for decrypting EncKey. It decrypts EncKey and user passwords, so it is protected by a passphrase. UnlockKey is used as the passphrase.
UnlockKeyKey (passphrase) used for encrypting PrivKey. The result of repeated hashes of the master password. It is computed each time the master password is entered.
RecoveryPrivKeyA copy of the private key that decrypts EncKey. Used for resetting the master password. Stored on the device in encrypted format and requires RecoveryUnlockKey for decryption. For transmission over the network, it is also encrypted with UnlockKey during syncing.
RecoveryUnlockKeyThe key that encrypts RecoveryPrivKey. Stored in the Yandex account.
EncryptedRecoveryPrivKeyA copy of the RecoveryPrivKey private key for resetting the master password. It is encrypted using UnlockKey. It is sent to the server for syncing with other devices.
mPwdThe master password. The user must remember it and enter it every time they need to access site passwords.