Instructions for JoomShopping based on CMS Joomla

Download the instructions in PDF format

To set up payment acceptance using this manual, you need to sign up for Yandex.Checkout and get the shopId and Secret key parameters.

  • shopId will appear in your Merchant Profile by itself when you sign up for the service,
  • Secret key is issued independently and requires activation in Merchant Profile.

Once you get both parameters, you can proceed with the configuration following this manual.

    How to install the module

    1. Download archive containing the module (.ZIP, 202 KB).

    2. Click Components — JoomShopping — Install & Update in the website's dashboard.

    3. On the following page, select the archive you downloaded and click Upload.

    4. When you see the Completed message at the top of the page, proceed to configuration.

    How to set up payment acceptance

    1. Click Components — JoomShopping — Options in the website's dashboard.

    2. On the following page, click Payment methods, then Yandex.Money 2.0.

    3. View the Main tab, then indicate the name in Russian and English: Яндекс.Касса, Yandex.Chekout.

    4. View the Configuration tab, then the Yandex.Checkout tab

    5. Check the Enable payment acceptance via Yandex.Checkout box:

    6. Fill out the shopId and Secret key fields: you can get both parameters in your Yandex.Checkout Merchant Profile.

    7. Indicate where you'd prefer the customers to select the payment method, on Yandex.Checkout's side or on your side.

    To see how it looks when the scenario plays out on Yandex.Checkout's side, visit the Demo store.

    On your website, it might look like this.

    8. If you selected the payment scenario to be played out on the store's side, check the boxes corresponding to payment methods indicated in your contract with Yandex.Money.

    9. If you configured the transmission of receipts to the Tax service via Yandex.Checkout partner services (in accordance with Federal Law No. 54-FZ), enable the transmission of receipt data.

    Indicate the VAT rate to be specified in the receipt:

    • the default rate will be indicated in the receipt for the products that you didn't previously indicate the VAT rate for,
    • the rates in your store have to be compared against the Yandex.Checkout rates.

    Yandex.Checkout's guide for transmission of receipts in accordance with Federal Law No. 54-FZ

    Once you set up everything for 54-FZ, you can enable the Second receipt option. The module will automatically generate a closing receipt if the order has items with full prepayment and if this order has moved to the selected status. For example, "Delivered".

    10. In the drop-down list, select the status to be assigned to an order after it's been paid.

    11. Click Save at the top of the page. That's it: you can test payment acceptance via Yandex.Checkout.