Acts and registers

Yandex.Checkout automatically generates and sends acts on services rendered and payment registers to your email address. You can get these documents again in the Acts and registers section of your Merchant Profile. This section can only be accessed by the store's owner.

Acts on Services Rendered

Acts on services rendered are generated by Yandex.Checkout once a month in .XLS format. We send them to the email address for acts (you can check it in the Company section) and store them to your Yandex.Disk in the Monthly Acts on Servicing folder. The certificates for a specific store are stored to a sub folder with a number. These numbers are the last digits of the contract with Yandex.Money. For example, if the contract number is NEK.11322.23, the acts will be saved to folder 23.

The certificates contain information about payments for one month. If in a month no payments were made, the act will not be created.

The acts for the previous month are created in the following month—within 10 days.

Important. The companies registered outside of Russia does not have this section in their Merchant Profile. We send the certificates on services rendered via email.

How to Download Certificate for Previous Month

Under your Merchant Profile

You can download the last Act created under Acts section by pushing a button near the corresponding month.

To proceed to your Certificates on your Yandex.Disk, push its icon near the word Archive.

On Yandex.Disk

Yandex.Disk is Yandex's service for storing files.

To sign in, enter the login and password for your Merchant Profile (user with owner user account). If you signed in with the necessary login name, Yandex.Disk will be viewed without specifying a password.

The certificates are stored in the folder Monthly Acts on Servicing. You can find the certificate you need by file name.

Pattern for creating the file name

PC_Yandex&Money_<day>_<month>_ <contract number>.xls



Cannot Find the Certificate I Need

Three possible options:

  1. The certificate is not created yet: it will appear on your Yandex.Disk when ready.
  2. You did not have any accepted payments in the previous month: the certificate will not be created.
  3. Not enough space on Yandex.Disk. You need to view your Yandex.Disk and delete files you do not need—new certificate will be uploaded within a day after.

If it did not help, write to us at

How to get certificate's hard copy

Download the electronic version and print it out in two copies. Sign both copies and send them to our office in Nizhny Novgorod. We will sign these documents from our side and return you back one of the copies via Russian Post.

Address: 3 Kulibina ul., littera F, Nizhny Novgorod 603022, NBCO Yandex.Money LLC.

Payment registers

Registers are generated once a day and sent to the special email address for registers. You can set that address in the store settings.

How to get payment registers

Find the Reports on payments and refunds block in the Acts and registers section.

Select the period (maximum of 31 days) and click Get the report. After that, it will be sent to the email for registers.