Key for mobile SDK

This key is required for accepting payments in mobile apps using Yandex.Checkout's .

You can issue the key in the API keys section of your Merchant Profile, but first you need to contact your manager and ask them to activate the SDK.

SDK activation

1. View SettingsAPI keys, click "Activate SDK" in the "Key for mobile SDK" block.

2. A feedback form will open. In the "Message" field, write that you want to accept payments using mobile SDK, then click Send to support.

3. Once the manager processes your request and activates SDK, the user who sent the request will recieve an email.

That done, you can issue the key.

How to issue the key

1. Log in to your Merchant Profile and select the store you need (in the top menu). If you run several stores, each one will require a separate key.

1. View SettingsAPI keys, click Issue key in the "Key for mobile SDK" block.

3. The rest of the process is similar to issuing a Secret key (starting with article 3).

After you issue the key, set up payment acceptance according to the documentation: for Android or iOS.

The procedure for re-issuing and deleting a key for mobile SDK is the same as for a Secret key.