You need a phone for accepting text messages with codes for confirming important actions under your Merchant Profile: make refunds, add or delete users.

Linking Phone Number

Navigate to Account management under your Merchant Profile, enter the number, get a text message with a password, and enter it on the same page.

Who can link the phone:

Users who have access to changing the number. If a Merchant Profile has several such users, each of them can link their phone to it.


Only one number can be linked to a user account.

Canceling Phone Number

  1. Click the recycle bin icon to the right of the phone number.
  2. You will get a message with password to this phone number. Fill it in the required field and push Delete number.
  3. That's it. The phone number is deleted.

If you changed phone number and cannot receive text message code to the former number, contact your manager for help.

We advise you to always link your phone to your account, otherwise someone will be able to link their number without your knowledge.