This feature allows debiting money from the client's bank card after obtaining their permission.

We provide two types of autopayments:

  • by date—for example, on the first day of every month: suitable for subscriptions, charity organizations, and service providers,
  • by threshold—for example, when the balance is at the zero: this type would come in handy for online games, social networks, mobile serives.

Your clients can set up autopayments for Visa, Mastercard, Mir cards. Other payment methods do not support this feature.

How it works

To activate autopayments, the client needs to make at least one payment at your store:

  1. Select payment via a bank card.
  2. Consent to the autopayment terms and conditions or configure it manually.
  3. Specify the card's details and check the Save the card box.
  4. Complete the payment.

Subsequesnt payments will be made automatically:

  1. The store notifies the client about the upcoming debit.
  2. Yandex.Checkout executes the payment on the store's request.
  3. Money is debited from the client's card.
  4. Yandex.Checkout notifies the client about the successful payment (if the client provided email address after the first payment).
  5. Yandex.Checkout deducts commission from the payment amount.

Activating autopayment on your website

Inform the Yandex.Checkout manager that you want to activate autopayments.

  1. Sign up for Yandex.Checkout and complete the onboarding process via the API.
  2. Implement payments with saved bank cards. Upon the first payment, you will need to save the bank card details in save_payment_method. Upon the next payment, you will need to send a with this payment method's identifier in payment_method_id.
  3. Create an offer for your users with terms and conditions of managing the autopayments.