Payment Module

You can implement Yandex.Checkout using payment module via a ready-made service: CMS, SaaS, CRM, framework, or messenger. Developer's work is not required: you only need to install and set up the module.

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Getting Notified about Payments

We send messages about payments as HTTP notifications, the module receives them automatically.

The results depend on your system. Most likely, the order status will change to Paid.


All options and payment acceptance methods that the module's developers provided are available.

Note. This implementation method does not allow you to issue invoices from your Merchant Account. This is easy to solve: you can sign up a separate store via our manager.


HTTPS (SSL certificate): add https:// before your site's address and check whether it can be opened. If it is not working, you need to issue a certificate.


Step 1. Fill out application

Fill out an application for implementing Yandex.Checkout. You will get access to your Merchant Profile.

Step 2. Select implementation method

  1. Sign in your Merchant Profile and push Fill out under the Settings section.
  2. Select Payment module as your implementation method and push Proceed.
  3. Select your system from the list.
  4. Specify addresses for notifications and other parameters. Learn more
  5. Push Send.

You will get a message with parameters for work: shopId and scid.

Important. At first you get scid for a demo mode. It does not allow you accepting real payments.

Step 3. Complete integration

  1. Set the module up in your system as said in the instructions (you can download it on our site or request from the module's developer).
  2. Enter settings: shopId, scid (for tests), and shopPassword.
  3. Conduct testing.
    • If your module supports test mode, activate it. If test mode is not allowed, check how the module works under operating mode.
    • Make an order, as your clients will do, and pay for it. You can use testing data.
    • Check the payments are executed, and the system correctly displays payment method. (Merchant Profile does not display test payments.)
  4. Inform your manager the testing is successful. The manager will switch your store into operating mode and send you scid for real payments.
  5. Replace scid under your Settings, and you are ready to go.