To set Yandex.Checkout into action, complete integration: embed into your service our payment forms and set up interaction process with Yandex.Checkout. You can make it using different methods.

The implementation method of your choice will determine how you get notified about successful payments, how long the integration will take, which our features you will be able to use.

You can also onboard without integration: issue invoices to clients from your Merchant Profile or accept payments from bank cards using mobile point-of-sale.

Fast and simple: insert some ready-made code

Implementation Method Email protocol
How It Works You receive email on every successful payment
Activating Embed into a site html code with your unique parameters
+ It is simple: just follow the instructions

All methods of accepting payments are available except Installments.

This method does not allow to use autopayments, link bank cards, and provide pre-authorization

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Ready-made solution: CMS, CRM, framework

Implementation Method Payment Module
How It Works Successful payment is displayed in your system. Exactly how it works depends on your system's capacities: this may be an email message about the payment, change of order's status, or any other action.
Activating Activate ready-made Yandex.Checkout's module and set it up according to the instructions. List of modules

Easy to activate: the module is ready to go, you only need to set it up once.

Easy to support: new options appear together with the module updates.

- You depend on the system developers: if they do not activate some option or timely update the module, you won't be able to cope with it.

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Custom system

Implementation Method API
How It Works You develop your own payment module or set up interaction between your system and Yandex.Checkout using some other way. Everything is possible—it only depends on your requirements.
Activating You will need developement by the .

Widest capacities: you can set up everything as you like.

All our features are available: setting up autopayments, linking bank cards, making pre-authorization, issuing invoices.

The most popular methods of accepting payments.

- Everything will need to be developed from scratch with your developers.

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Mobile App

Implementation Method HTTP protocol or email protocol
How It Works

You create your own payment solution using Yandex.Checkout's API.

You can process our notifications and view the results in the app.

Activating Set up interaction between your system and Yandex.Checkout via API or SDK.

See documentation for details