This feature allows sending invoices to clients via live chats, text messages, and emails. This feature might be handy to those who works without a site and accepts orders by phone, via messengers, or in social networks.

Invoicing via Emails

This feature allows for issuing invoices via email—using Yandex.Checkout's Merchant Profile under the Invoices section.

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Invoicing via Live Chats

This feature allows for sending messages with a payment button:

  • via live support chats on sites
  • via customer support chats in mobile apps
  • via Telegram and Viber messenger services
  • via social networks and Facebook (using Messenger).

How it works

  1. The client writes to a customer support in a live chat, messenger, or social network.
  2. The support worker pushes Issue invoice, adds products to it, and sends the invoice via the live chat.

  3. The user receives a message with the order description and payment button.

  4. The user pushes Pay and lands on Yandex.Checkout's page.
  5. Then the user selects payment method and transfers money.

The payment status is viewed directly in the live chat: 'awaiting payment', 'paid', and so on. The information about paying invoice is saved to your Yandex.Checkout's Merchant Profile.

Activating invoicing in live chats

To issue invoices via live chats, do the following:

  1. Activate JivoSite chat: you will need to register in this service and add channels for communication with the consultant—site, application, messengers, and social network.
  2. Write our manager that you want to issue invoices via a live chat. Specify your company's INN (TIN) and note that you have already implemented JivoSite.

The manager will guide you through further steps.

Invoicing via Text Messages

This feature allows sending text messages with information about order and payment code to the Sberbank Online clients.

How it works

  1. The client consents to receiving invoices in text messages, for instance, at the moment of accepting the users' offer on your site.
  2. The client selects Sberbank Online as the payment method and provides his or her phone number on your site or when talking to the consultant.
  3. You send us the client's phone number and order amount.
  4. The client gets a text message from 900 (usual number used by Sberbank Online). This message includes the store's name, amount, and payment code.
  5. The client enters the payment code in the message of reply.
  6. We send notices on successful payments and the payments that return errors.


One buyer can pay using this method up to 10,000 rubles at a time and a day.

Activating the feature

Write our manager that you want to issue invoices via text messages.

You will need to do the following:

  • activate paying with Sberbank Online
  • implement payment via Sberbank Online through the Yandex.Checkout API
  • create an offer or get the user's consent to sending invoices in text messages using other method.