Payment by QR code

Important: this option only works under the with the HTTP Protocol as an implementation method (implementing this protocol is no longer supported).

You can stick a QR code on a pizza box or place it at an online store near the payment button. The buyers will scan this QR code, proceed to payment and pay with the phone using any method they like.

QR codes are generated for particular orders. For a payment to be executed, you need to specify your buyer's identifier in your system (customerNumber).

How it works

  1. You create a link to order payment page via Yandex.Checkout.
  2. You generate the QR code leading on this page.
  3. The buyer scans this QR code with the smartphone
  4. The buyer lands on the order payment page on our side and pays for this order as usual.

Generating QR code

You do not need to activate anything: create a payment link and encode it into a QR code.

Step 1. Create a payment link to the order payment

Creating such link requires the following parameters:

  • shopId and scid—settings of the store in Yandex.Checkout
  • sum—amount to be paid
  • customerNumber—identifier of the buyer in your system.

You are free to add other parameters.

Substitute the parameters values into the example instead of the elements in angle brackets. You can do it manually or automatically.

Sample of payment link<shopId>&scid=<scid>&sum=<sum>&customerNumber=<customerNumber>&custom_field=qrpayment

Sample of prepared link

Step 2. Generate QR code

Manually—using any service or application.

Automatically, by sending a .

Step 3. Place the QR code near your order

Choose a place to make it easy for your customer to scan.