How to generate receipts

Mobile point-of-sale (mPOS) is a reader for accepting payments. It doesn't replace the sales registers, doesn't print receipts for buyer, and doesn't send fiscal data to the Tax service, as required by Federal Law No. 54-FZ. For payments via mPOS, you will need to generate receipts using one of these methods:

  • manually via the sales register that you use for keeping track of cash payments,
  • via 2can Sales Register 5, a proper sales register that is already configured to interact with the Yandex.Checkout mobile point-of-sale.

You won't need other equipment if you use Sales Register 5 mPOS:

  • enter purchase information in Cash 5,
  • amount is transferred to mPOS,
  • buyer taps the card against mPOS, making the payment,
  • Sales Register 5 prints the receipt and saves the fiscal information.

If you want to order Sales Register 5 with the mobile point-of-sale, inform your manager during the onboarding process with Yandex.Checkout or apply for mPOS.