Sending Receipts to Tax Service under Federal Law No.54

Starting on July 1, 2017, Federal Law No. 54-FZ requires sending a fiscal receipt to the tax service via a special online sales register for all payments for goods, works, or services. The law affects majority of online stores and online services.

In brief about Federal Law No.54 (FZ-54)

The receipts need to be in the tax service after payments. You can be fined for every undelivered receipt. The fine for officials varies between 1/4 and 1/2 of the amount of the payment made without a sales register (but not less than 10,000 rubles). For businesses, between 3/4 and the full payment amount (at least 30,000 rubles).

What to do

  1. Buy an online sales register or take it on lease (sales register equipment).
  2. Enter into contract with an operator of fiscal data (OFD).
  3. Issue a qualified electronic signature (required for registration of online sales register in the tax service).
  4. Register online sales register in the tax service: under the personal account of your corporation or you as a sole proprietor on
  5. Send the details for the tax service via online sales register after each payment.

More details on the tax service's site

How Yandex.Checkout Helps

We can set up cooperation with your online sales register.

If you:

  1. adopt the online sales register of one of our partners
  2. add details for the receipt to your payment form,

we will send this details to your online sales register at the moment of paying.

This is not obligatory: you can accept payments using Yandex.Checkout and send details for the receipts to your online sales register using other method.

How Our Solution Works

  1. The customer pays at your store as usual. Together with the request for payment you transmit details for the receipt to us: products' names, their quantity, their price, VAT rate, and the buyer's email address.
  2. We transmit details for the receipts to your online sales register and wait for the response.
  3. The online sales register records sales data to the fiscal storage drive.
  4. The fiscal storage drive assigns the fiscal attribute and other details to the receipt and controls the transmission of the receipt to the fiscal data operator (OFD).
  5. Online sales register responds to us that the receipt has been accepted.
  6. This shows us everything is lawful: the tax service will receive the receipt from the operator of fiscal data on the same day, and we send you a message about successful payment.
  7. OFD sends the receipt data to the tax service.
  8. The operator of fiscal data will send the receipt to the customer (this is an additional service).

Sending Details for the Receipts via Yandex.Checkout

  1. Implement Yandex.Checkout (if you do not work with us yet).
  2. Buy an online sales register or take it for lease from one of our partners, enter into contract with the operator of fiscal data, and register the online sales register in the tax service.
  3. Change settings under your Merchant Profile. Changing settings
  4. Set up transmitting the fiscal data to Yandex.Checkout on your site.

For the CMS or other system

Update your payment module: it will automatically start to send us the details together with payments in the required format.

For a custom-made site

Transmit parameters for the receipt in the payment form and some requests of the protocol (deferred payments, recurring payments, invoices via text messages) as in the .

For those who get notifications on payment via email

Add new parameters to your payment form: see these parameters in the .

For those who issue invoices via the Merchant Profile

You do not need to do anything: we have the details of your orders, and we will send them to your online sales register.

For those who use mPOS

We unfortunately cannot transmit details for the receipts if the payment is made via a mobile Point-of-Sale. You need to do it by yourself.

Supported Online Sales Registers

Support for others services is in development.

Useful Reading


VAT rate in 2019

On 1 January 2019, a new VAT rate of 20% was introduced in Russia. From that moment on, we will send new values to your online sales register for payments and refunds: 20% (instead of 18%) or 20/120 (instead of 18/118).

These values are also sent for refunds on payments accepted before 1 January 2019.

No additional development is required on your side.

You can find the detailed technical information in the documentation: for the Protocol and.