Basic formatting

The structure and visual appearance of a page are defined using wiki markup. This section describes the most widely used formatting elements. For a full list of elements, see the Markup reference.

Sections and headings

You can divide your document into sections and subsections. Each section begins with a heading and continues up to the next heading on the same level or a higher level.

First-level heading
Second-level heading
Third-level heading
Fourth-level heading
Fifth-level heading
Sixth-level heading


  • Numbered list:

    Tip. The order of numbers in the markup does not affect the final list numbering. However, it is easier to work with the source text when the list elements are numbered in order.
  • Bulleted list:

  • Mixed list:


Text highlighting

Restriction. Highlighting works properly only when there aren't any spaces between the markup and the text.
Note. The text inside such a block is not escaped by default. To escape the text, use a block for inserting source code

The following colors are supported:

  • red

  • green

  • blue

  • grey / gray

  • yellow