Chats in a browser

You can open Chats in a browser from anywhere in Yandex.Connect – there are links to all the services next to the logo, at the top-left.

  1. Creating a chat
  2. Chat features
  3. Managing group chats
  4. General notification settings

Creating a chat

The service supports both private chats (with one person) and group chats. Each employee's page has a Message in Chats button that automatically opens a private chat with this person. But you can just as easily start a chat after you have already opened Chats:

  • Click People, departments, teams and start typing a name.
  • Choose what you are looking for in the drop-down list:
    • To send a message to a specific person, click that person's name. Chats creates a private chat with this person (or opens one that you have already started). To the right of the chat, you can see the employee profile from Yandex.Connect.
    • To create a chat with a team or department, choose the name in the list, then click Create new chat on the profile that opens. A window opens where you need to enter a name for the chat. You can also add a description of the chat and any additional participants.

Chat features

In chat messages, you can:

  • Add an image. To do this, click and choose an image file on your computer.
  • Send a sticker. To do this, click .
  • Delete a message that you sent within the last 30 minutes. To do this, right-click the message and choose Delete.
  • Tag a chat participant. To do this, type “@” and immediately begin typing the user's email address (without a space). Chats shows a list of participants with addresses that start with the same letters. Select the name you are looking for, and the tag appears in the text box.

    For example, Alex Project is registered in Connect with the address

Managing group chats

Click at the top of the chat to view information about settings and participants.

If you were added to the chat but you weren't designated as the admin, you can:

  • Choose your notification settings for this chat in the Notifications list: enable or disable notifications, or only get notified when you are tagged.
    Note. The first time you open Chats in the browser, you need to allow the browser to accept notifications from the site, so that chat notifications will work.
  • View the list of participants (Participants).
  • Leave the chat.

If you were designated as the chat admin or you created this chat, you can also:

  • Change the name and description for the chat. Don't forget to click to save your changes. If you save the chat with an empty name, it will be named automatically using the names of participants, teams, or departments.
  • Add or remove any chat participant, and assign someone as the chat admin.

To leave a chat that you created, first you need to remove all the other participants.

General notification settings

Some of the notification settings apply to all the chats that you participate in. Click your picture in the upper-right corner and choose Settings.

Available settings:

  • Don't show notifications – Disable all notifications for this account in this browser.
  • Hide notification text – Chats will notify you of new messages, but it won't show the text of the message in notifications (for example, this means that no one will see the content of your messages on a locked phone).
  • Notify me about every unread messageYou will receive email about every new message in Chats that you didn't read immediately.
  • Get a digest of unread messages per 24-hour periodChats will send you a daily email with the number of unread messages that has accumulated over the last 24 hours.