Chats for iOS

The Chats app for iOS is available in the App Store. It supports all the features that are available in the browser version, including full-text search across chats and messages.

Creating a chat

To create a chat:

  1. Click on the Chats tab.
  2. Choose one of the options: a private chat (with one person) or a group chat (where you can add multiple people, teams, or departments).
  3. Start typing the name of the team, department, or user, then choose the one you want from the list.
    • If you are creating a private chat, it will start as soon as you choose the participants.
    • If you are creating a group chat, find all the desired participants, then click Next. Then enter a name for the chat and click Done.

You can also create a private chat on the Contacts tab. Find the person you want to chat with, click the name, then click Send message.

Chat features

In chat messages, you can:

  • Share photos, images, stickers, or a location on the map. To do this, click and choose what you want to do. To switch back to text, click .
  • Tag a chat participant. To do this, type “@” and immediately begin typing the user's email address (without a space). Chats shows a list of participants with addresses that start with the same letters. Select the name you are looking for, and the tag appears in the text box.

    For example, Alex Project is registered in Connect with the address

Managing group chats

Click the name of the chat to view information about settings and participants.

If you were added to the chat but you weren't designated as the admin, you can:

  • Choose your notification settings for this chat in the Notifications list: enable or disable notifications, or only get notified when you are tagged.
  • View the list of participants (Participants).
  • Leave the chat: in the list of chats, pull the chat to the left and click Actions. In the menu that opens, choose Leave and remove (the chat will be removed from the list in your app, but it will continue working for other participants).

If you were designated as the chat admin or you created this chat, you can also:

  • Change the name and description of the chat: click the text to start editing.
  • Add or remove any chat participant, and assign someone as the chat admin (click next to a name).

To leave a chat that you created, first you need to remove all the other participants.

App settings

On the Settings tab, you can:

  • Make notification settings that apply to all chats.
  • Limit the maximum size of images that you receive in chats. Chats will automatically reduce the size of large images.
  • Clear the cache where all the images you have received are stored. If you re-open a chat with images, Chats will download them again.
  • Exit Chats or switch accounts.

General notification settings

Some of the notification settings apply to all the chats that you participate in. Open the Settings tab and click Notifications to see the available options:

  • Show notifications – Turn off this option if you don't want to receive any notifications for this account on this device.
  • Message previews – Turn off this option if you don't want Chats to show the text of messages in notifications (for example, this means that no one will see the content of your messages on a locked phone).
  • New message – If this option is turned on, you will get an email about every new message in Chats that you don't read immediately.
  • Daily digest – If this option is turned on, Chats sends you a daily email with the number of unread messages that has accumulated over the last 24 hours.