Create a multiple choice problem

In Yandex Contest, you can create a multiple choice problem. In this kind of problem, the user selects one or more correct answers from the suggested options.

  1. 1. Create a problem
  2. 2. Specify the options
  3. 3. Add a problem statement


What's the name of the third planet from the Sun?

  • Option 1: Mercury
  • Option 2: Venus
  • Option 3: Earth
  • Option 4: The Moon

Correct answer: Earth.

1. Create a problem

  1. Go to Problems and click Create problem.
  2. Enter a name and click Create. The name will be displayed in the participant interface.
  3. Enter a short name. You can also add the name in English.
  4. In the Problem type field, select TEST_PROBLEM.

2. Specify the options

  1. Select an answer type: One option for problems with a single correct answer or Several options for problems where multiple answers may be correct.
  2. Specify an option and click Add. Add all options like this.
  3. In the Correct? section, select Yes for all correct answers. Remember that One option type problems can only have one correct answer.

3. Add a problem statement

  1. Select Statements on the left.
  2. Select the TeX statement type.
  3. Select a language: ru for Russian or en for English.
  4. On the right, click Add statement.
  5. Click the row with the added statement, for example: Russian (tex).
  6. Enter the statement in the form and click Save.

For more information on creating problem statements, see Statements.