Adding keywords

Select the group that keywords should be added to in the Ad groups tab. Then in the Phrases tab, click .

The New keywords window will open with a field for entering or pasting keywords.

New keywords can be specified in three ways:

  • in a row, separated by a comma;
  • in a column;
  • generating using the operators ( ) and |.

Generating keywords

Often when making a list of keywords, a certain algorithm is used, for example [list of products] + [list of selling words]: refrigerator buy, refrigerator inexpensive, television buy, television inexpensive, and so on.

In these cases, special operators can be used in Direct Commander: ( ) and |.


refrigerator (buy|sale|store|inexpensive|cheap|discounts|offer|price|delivery)

Result: refrigerator buy, refrigerator sale, refrigerator store, refrigerator inexpensive, refrigerator cheap, refrigerator discounts, refrigerator offer, refrigerator price, refrigerator delivery.

(dealership|auto center|car dealership|dealer|car dealer) (hyundai|hundai|hyunday|hunday)

Result: dealership hyundai, dealership hundai, dealership hyunday, dealership hunday, auto center hyundai, auto center hundai, auto center hyunday, auto center hunday, car dealership hyundai, car dealership hundai, car dealership hyunday, car dealership hunday, dealer hyundai, dealer hundai, dealer hyunday, dealer hunday, car dealer hyundai, car dealer hundai, car dealer hyunday, car dealer hunday.

(rent|lease|rental|occupy) apartment (in Monaco|in Cuba|in Pleasantville|on Downing Street)

Result: rent an apartment in Monaco, rent an apartment in Cuba, rent an apartment in Pleasantville, rent an apartment on Downing Street, renting an apartment in Monaco, renting an apartment in Cuba, renting an apartment in Pleasantville, renting an apartment on Downing Street, occupy an apartment in Monaco, occupy an apartment in Cuba, occupy an apartment in Pleasantville, occupy an apartment on Downing Street, lease an apartment in Monaco, lease an apartment in Cuba, lease an apartment in Pleasantville, lease an apartment on Downing Street.