Direct Commander uses Yandex.Direct's program interface (API). As such, the limitations that apply to the number of operations that the API can process per day also relate to the Yandex.Direct app:

Point limitations

Points are used as a way of regulating the load on the API server. If you do not have enough points, you cannot make API requests.

Points are deducted from the campaign owner's username. You can find out the remaining available points using the button:

For agencies

For advertisers

The total amount of daily available points depends on the effective use of Yandex.Direct. Increasing ad campaigns' budget and CTR positively increases the amount of points. Disabling ads in moderation reduces the amount of points. To increase the amount of available points, optimize your ad campaigns: add and refine keywords, change ad texts to increase clickability, or increase bids.

The API point system is described in more detail in the Yandex.Direct API documentation for version 4 and version 5. Methods of both versions are used to send and receive data in parallel, so data exchanges with the server can become temporarily unavailable as a result of insufficient points.

Access restrictions

You must meet the following conditions to work with Direct Commander:

  • You are a Yandex.Direct user. This means that you have at least one ad campaign in the web-interface (one draft ad with one keyword is sufficient to meet this condition).

  • If you are an ad agency client, you can get access from the agency servicing your account:

    • If the agency only gave you read-only access to the web interface, then you will only be able to view data in Direct Commander.
    • If the agency gave you permission to edit your campaigns, then you can manage them using the web interface and Direct Commander.