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Meet the new version of Direct Commander 2.3 with much-desired "Undo" function. Now users can undo their last actions and changes. The buttons "Undo" and "Redo" appeared in the top part of the app's window for this purpose. The new function is also available with the key combinations Ctrl+Z / Ctrl+Y (on computers with Mac OS: Cmd+Z / Cmd+Shift+Z).

As a side note, on October 13, Direct Commander celebrated its first anniversary. During this time, through our joint efforts, we introduced a lot to the app: the import and export tools for any data in various formats; a "Price Master", applied for user phrase selection; a whole series of interface settings; editing massive changes in campaign parameters and ad statuses; a new filter; and, much more. Overall, Commander has become discernibly faster and more convenient over this year. We sincerely consider Commander users to be direct participants in the development process and for this reason we applaud you on this anniversary!

The new version of Direct Commander is available for download at As always, we look forward to your comments, suggestions, and messages about problems at e-mail address