Open beta testing begins for retargeting technology

Direct now features retargeting, a new technology for displaying ads on the Yandex Advertising Network.

Retargeting makes it possible to reach people who have already visited an advertiser's website. It's now possible to divide the site's visitors into groups depending on their behavior and create different ads for each group.

Interested visitors can be drawn back to a site again and again using retargeting, increasing the return on advertising. For example, by suggesting shoppers relevant products to complement ones they've already purchased or to display information about discounts.

This retargeting technology uses data from Yandex.Metrica counters. A separate goal should be created in it for every important action by users. In Direct's interface, it's possible to set ad impression conditions from these goals and specify the minimum and maximum number of days since a user first visited the site. The ad will be displayed to users that reach the specified goals in precisely this period.

It's possible to create a large amount of retargeting conditions of any complexity in ad campaigns. However, it should be remembered that targeting decreases coverage. That's why retargeting works best on sites with a large audience.

The technology is now running in open testing mode. Any advertiser who wishes to test its effectiveness can do so by contacting his/her manager, agency or Direct Support Service.

Details about retargeting are described in help.