The guaranteed ad placement block may now be displayed below search results

We regularly monitor the effectiveness of ads placed on Yandex.Direct to determine how well they meet both search and advertising goals.

Following an analysis of commercial search queries, we found out that users interact differently with ads depending on their interests. Some users view the search results from left to right, while gradually scrolling down the page, while others only view the ad blocks once they reach the last result at the bottom of the page. Both types of users demonstrated a high level of interest in ads on the page.

We then experimented with ad block positions and discovered that Direct ads at the bottom of the page were more effective for some search categories than ads placed to the right of our search results.

As a result of these experiments, we made the right block for Direct ads “floating”. Now it can be displayed on the side and at the bottom of the page. The location that attracts the most users will determine where the block is placed.

This change will be gradually introduced. It is currently active for certain searches in all categories automatically selected by our ad system. In the future, the forecast for the effectiveness of impressions under search results will be calculated for each keyword phrase.

Ad impressions in this new position will help us boost advertisers’ search traffic while also reducing their average expenditure on the system.

Up to 4 ads selected for guaranteed impressions may appear in the ad block at the bottom of the page. In doing so, it repeats premium placement: sitelinks that can increase target traffic to the site can be added to all ads.

The “Impressions to the right of search results” strategy changed along with the block. Now it's called “Impressions to the right or below search results” and it implies placement in a “floating” block regardless of its position.