Add images to ads on the Yandex Advertising Network

Now it's possible to add images to ads in Direct. For example, a product photo, an image related to the service's theme, or a logotype. Ads will be displayed in this format on the Yandex Advertising Network.

Uploading selected images to your ads will boost the effectiveness of your campaign. Illustrating your ads can help you achieve several tasks at once. Like these, for example:

  • make your ad stand out more and encourage users to visit your site;
  • help users instantly understand what you’re selling and avoid wasted clicks;
  • visually demonstrate the competitive advantages of your offer, such as model or color, while avoiding the need to go into detail in your ad text;
  • direct the audience's attention your brand and create lasting associations with it.

We've checked: the CTR of ads with images is higher than text ads, while the cost per client may drop significantly.

You can add images to your ads on the Direct ad creation or editing page. More information can be found in our help section.

As of today, ads with images are currently only being displayed on Yandex service sites but will soon be introduced to a multitude of partner sites on the Yandex Advertising Network.