Impressions below search results completely replace right-hand ad block

As you already know, we have been gradually introducing impressions below our search results over the past month.

According to the data we collected over this period, the results for ads displayed below the search results were, in the vast majority of cases, significantly better than for those displayed on the right: the CTR of ads displayed below the search results was on average 2.5 times higher. Furthermore, the conversion rate remained the same, meaning that only potential clients click on the ads.

As a result, we have taken the decision completely to replace the ad block to the right of Yandex search results with the ad block below our search results. The guaranteed impressions ad block will now be displayed only at the bottom of the page.

Users will also see ads receiving dynamic impressions at the bottom of the second and subsequent pages.

Yandex.Market product offers can still be shown together with Direct offers in all blocks.

Following this change, we have removed the audience coverage indicator from the Yandex.Direct interface as it only takes placement on the first page into account when calculating the forecast.